Biostar Basket Donation for the Equestrian Aid/Palm Beach Dressage Derby

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Value $500 - Here’s you chance to get your horse started on a wellness program popular with our Dressage community. Tigger Montague’s company BioStar is donating a generous package of popular products worth $500, to give your horse a leg up on a stylized nutrition program. Tigger recently conducted a Whole Food for Horses Seminar at Stillpoint Farm, February 28, and is busy in south Florida working with several big dressage and showjumping facilities.  So whether you are already reaping the benefits of BioStar’s Hemp Seed  Oil, Tum Ease and Colostrum-38, or want to get things started, check out the BioStar Basket March 1, and bid for better horse health.
3 gallons of hemp seed oil
3 units of Tum Ease
1 bottle Colostrum-38