Billy Twomey and Tinka’s Serenade on the podium

Friday, July 31, 2015
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Billy Twomey / Tinka's Serenade (IRL) 1er (Photo: Pixel events)In the Suez Environment class, over 1,55m fences, the Irish Billy Twomey is the fastest of the 46 riders on his 18 years old mare, Tinka's Serenade.

Like in the previous class, the riders had to clear the course but also be as quick as possible to get to the podium. The technical difficulty of the course, in spite of being fluid, caused a few problems to most of the contenders, since only 8 of them managed to cross the finish line without penalties. While the Canadian Eric Lamaze (2008 Olympic champion) and Fine Lady were in the lead since the beginning of the class, with a time of 71"02 that seemed unbeatable, the Irish Billy Twomey and his faithful Tinka's Serenade did not hesitate to push them down to second place with a time of 70"92. "Tinka's has been fantastic, like she has been for the past nine years. She was already excellent as a young horse. She is still very happy, and healthy. I try to save her, she only does two shows a month. She will be in the Grand Prix on Sunday."

8th and best French, riding Silver Deux de Virton HDC, Olivier Guillon, very happy to see how his partner improved. "I have been riding him for the past four years. Today for the first time I was able to control him all along the course. He did not try to escape. With a lot of work, his behaviour finally changed, he just needed time."

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