Betsy Steiner Dressage

Monday, April 20, 2009

Team Steiner’s New Facility Is a ‘Whole Rider’ Training Center of Excellence

Betsy Steiner Dressage Team will be located at a gorgeous horse farm in Frenchtown, New Jersey, right in the heart of Hunterdon County, from May through October. Betsy and Jessie Steiner are offering customized training programs, ranging from full training to several different lesson packages.

With a host of amenities available at this exquisite horse farm, riders can experience the Mind, Body, Spirit Approach to horsemanship with opportunities to learn about Equilates, nutrition, sports psychology, and horse care. Unique Dressage Retreats are also on the agenda.

“The barn is so beautiful – we want to really share it,” Betsy says. “We want the stable to be really versatile and a place where people can experience more than just a riding lesson.”

Mind, Body, Spirit Approach Provides Riders with Opportunities to Learn about Equilates, Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Horse Care, and Have the Opportunity to Participate in Retreats

“First of all, it’s a drop-dead gorgeous facility,” Betsy Steiner enthuses, describing the new Frenchtown, New Jersey, summer location for her Betsy Steiner Dressage Team. “It’s a luxurious yet functional farm where everything is geared towards the horses’ comfort and well-being. It’s a beautiful, state-of-the-art working stable. My team and I are thrilled to be a part of it.”

Betsy Steiner Dressage is a family-run dressage training barn that prides itself on providing excellent training and care for its clients. Betsy, a member of the 1990 World Championship Dressage Team in Stockholm, is the Head Trainer and Jessie Steiner, a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist, is the Assistant Trainer and Barn Manager.

The exquisite horse farm is located in the heart of beautiful Hunterdon County and features 20 handsome stalls in an extraordinary barn with exterior windows for each horse and inlaid rubber mats in the aisle. The barn also includes attractively appointed rooms for tack, observation, and laundry, along with wash racks and grooming stalls. Added luxuries include a lovely full bathroom including shower facilities and space for an Equilates Studio.

Attached to the barn is the 100 x 200 indoor, which is walled with large windows that give it a wonderful airy feeling. The outdoor arena is also 100 x 200, ensuring the horses have plenty of space to work outside as well. “A lot of thought and care went into providing the best footing,” Betsy points out. “Both the indoor and outdoor have wonderful dust-free Travel Right footing.”

The 20-acre farm also boasts large, grassy turnouts enclosed with wood fencing that features the safety of rounded corners and gated aisles. “The owners of the farm, Stephen and Cheryl Buxton, were excited by the idea of having it become a ‘training center of excellence’, so we are bringing in the whole idea of the Mind, Body, Spirit approach,” explains Betsy, who authored the book A Gymnastic Riding System using Mind, Body & Spirit and founded Equilates™, a Pilates based program that incorporates the mind/body connection for riders.

Betsy and Jessie will be based in Frenchtown from May through October. They will be offering customized training programs for their students, ranging from full training to several different lesson packages to accommodate all students interested in training with them.

“The barn is so beautiful – we want to really share it,” Betsy explains. “We’re offering different training packages for different price ranges so that people can enjoy being in this kind of stable. We want the stable to be really versatile and a place where people can experience more than just a riding lesson.

“We are also very excited to host our Dressage Retreats here. We are planning several throughout the summer.”

Retreats will offer opportunities for riders to receive instruction presented by experts in Equilates, Pilates, Nutrition, Sports Psychology, and Horse Care. Each retreat will focus on a specific audience – the amateur rider, young rider, and eventers. The eventers retreat will feature special guest Karen O’Connor.

The first Dressage Retreat at the Frenchtown facility will be held June 11 through 14, 2009. Visit for more information on the retreats.