Betsy Berrey passed away last Saturday afternoon

Monday, July 26, 2010

We just heard from dressage judge Lois Yukins of the passing of a dear lady, judge, friend, Corgi lover, and inspiration human being Betsy Berrey. Her kind heart, and noble acceptance of the challenges she faced, as well as contributions to the sport of Dressage will forever be remembered and honored. We will keep our readers updated on plans to memorialize and honor her.

Betsy Berrey passed away last Saturday afternoon surrounded by her wonderful family. She fought her illness with determination and faith that she would do everything possible to keep ahead of the reoccurring tumors. But, there came a time that the fight was not working and it was decided that it was time to manage the pain and spend the time she had left with her family and friends.


The last time I saw Betsy, she looked beautiful, childlike. She maintained her wonderful smile until the very end, even though she was sad to know she was leaving her life soon. She so enjoyed the cards sent by many of you with such touching words and memories. I know the family was grateful for all of the wonderful tributes to their mother.

At this time the family is deciding how best to honor Betsy, and I will let you know what is decided. In the mean time if you would like to send a card or letter to her family, the address is:

Adam, Ellen, & Kevin Berrey
1313 Washington St. Apt 515
Boston, MA 01228

Betsy's wonderful dog Roxie will go to Buffalo with her daughter Ellen. It's good she has a very warm coat.

One of the best things I have learned from Betsy is acceptance. Whenever I was frustrated, she would tell me to keep looking forward, and smile rather than frown, especially when speaking. It's how she lived her life, and I hope I can be as positive as I know she always seemed, even with all she had to deal with over the last few years. She was an inspiration to me, and I will miss her 'with a smile on my face'.

XOXOXO Lois Yukins