Bethany Peslar and Donadieu Victorious at Poplar Place

Monday, May 26, 2014
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Bethany Peslar and Donadieu. (Photo: courtesy of Alicia Frese)
Bethany Peslar and Donadieu. (Photo: courtesy of Alicia Frese)
Hamilton, GA - Years after her beloved Grand Prix horse More Magic passed away, Grand Prix dressage rider Bethany Peslar finally felt that the time was right to enter the show ring again with a new mount, Donadieu. Peslar—owner of the training and breeding facility Everglades Dressage in Wellington, Florida—took Donadieu to the Poplar Place Farm May Dressage Show, where she and and the 8-year-old Hanoverian showed together for the first time. “I was very happy with him since this is a new partnership and our first show together. He really loved being at a show and has a lot of power when he gets in the ring,” Peslar said of Donadieu (Diamond Hit x Gardeofizier).The Poplar Place Farm May Dressage Show took place on May 17- 18, 2014 at the training and showing facility Poplar Place Farm in Hamilton, Georgia. Peslar competed Donadieu in the Developing Prix St. George class, where the pair received a 67.2%, their first qualifying score for the Young Horse Championships in that division.

Peslar was proud of her score and performance, especially considering that she had never showed Donadieu before and had not even entered a competition in years. “The highlight of the show was getting back into the show ring for the first time in several years since the loss of my Grand Prix horse More Magic, and competing Donadieu for the first time. And earning a good score towards qualifying for the Developing Horse Championships!” Peslar said.

Bethany Peslar and Donadieu. (Photo: courtesy of Alicia Frese)
Bethany Peslar and Donadieu. (Photo: courtesy of Alicia Frese)
This USDF Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medalist is excited to once more have an equine partner that makes an excellent teammate in the show ring. She plans to continue improving their performance from here. “I need to get to know him better in the ring and channel that power better so the test can be more polished,” she explained. “My plan for this year is to compete Donadieu in the Developing Horse Prix St. George Championships, and after this Championship to continue working towards Grand Prix and next year the Developing Horse Championship at Grand Prix level. He's only 8 years old but is so talented and intelligent that he already can school all of the Grand Prix work— including piaffe, passage, and one tempis.”

Bethany Peslar has earned numerous victories in dressage shows since she first began her dressage career at the age of 13. She now plans to continue her record of success with Donadieu. Peslar currently rides and trains at her own Everglades Dressage.

For more information on Bethany Peslar and Everglades Dressage, visit www.evergladesdressage.com, call (561) 784-4075, or email EverGlaDressage@aol.com.