Bestselling Mystery Writer Tami Hoag Unveils Sneak Peek of New Novel on Dressage Training Online Website

Saturday, June 13, 2009
Posted by Father Mack


Alamo, CA (June 9, 2009)– Fans of bestselling mystery writer Tami Hoag are in for a treat as the author recently revealed some deep, dark secrets about her upcoming novel Deeper Than The Dead. Hoag’s revelations about her new novel were taped in an interview segment that can be seen on the newly revamped Dressage Training Online website. Deeper Than The Dead will be on bookshelves January 2010 and features a very special character named Jane Thomas. The character of Jane is based on a real life person of the same name – Jane Thomas, daughter of Peggy and E. Parry Thomas, owners of Olympic dressage horse Brentina.


Thomas earned the unique opportunity to become part of a Hoag novel when she bid on and won the chance at a fundraiser last year at the USET Foundation auction. Hoag and Thomas recently attended the Las Vegas World Cup, where they dished on the upcoming novel for the interview on Dressage Training Online.  The interview has been posted to DressageTrainingOnline.com in time for the USEF Festival of Champions in Gladstone, NJ in an effort to spur interest for viewers to donate to the USET Foundation again this year.

“I think Tami’s fans are going to love our interview with her on Dressage Training Online,” said Reisa Bonetti, founder of the educational dressage website. “Tami offers a sneak peek at her new novel during the segment, which also features Jane Thomas who is a character in her new book. We were thrilled to be able to do the interview, not only because Tami has so many fans but because she is also a talented dressage rider.”

Hoag said Thomas’s character in Deeper Than The Dead is an important one and was willing to offer a preview of the new novel. “Jane's character is named, surprise! Jane Thomas. She is the head of The Thomas Center for Women, where disadvantaged and abused women are helped back on their feet and helped back into the work force and independent living. It turns out all the victims of the serial killer are in some way connected to The Thomas Center,” Hoag said.

Hoag, world renowned for her 14 New York Times bestselling suspense novels, found it easy to weave the new character into her latest thriller. “Jane is, in real life, an interesting and strong woman. And, as it happens, is involved in a charity organization much like The Thomas Center in the book,” Hoag said, adding that Jane’s black pug Violet also appears in Deeper Than The Dead.

Dressage fans that watch the Hoag interview on Dressage Training Online will enjoy getting to know more about Hoag, who has written novels such as Kill the Messenger and Ashes to Ashes. Hoag has also combined her love of horses and writing by penning the suspenseful Dark Horse and The Alibi Man which take place amidst the horsey set.

Dressage Training Online taped Hoag’s interview while at the World Cup, along with the entire Friday schedule of World Cup events including highlights of FEI classes and a behind-the-scenes look at the warm-up preceding the Grand Prix. The Friday events also included the World Championship Young Horse Exhibition and the Olympic/Grand Prix Pas De Deux Challenge and the retirement ceremony of World Cup dressage horse Brentina.

The Dressage Training Online website has revolutionized the dressage world, giving riders, trainers, judges and everyone interested in dressage access to world class dressage education and information. The $36 per month membership fee gives members unlimited access to over 400 training videos, educational content and special events such as Hoag’s interview.

For more information on Dressage Training Online, visit DressageDaily's Virtual Vendor - Dressage Training Online. For more information about Tami Hoag, or to see a list of her novels, visit her website at www.tamihoag.com.


Photo: Dressage rider and New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag, left, stands with Dressage Training Online founder Reisa Bonetti (center) and Jane Thomas, a character in Hoag’s upcoming novel “Deeper Than The Dead.”  Dressage Training Online taped an interview with Hoag and Thomas which can be viewed on the educational dressage website. (Photo courtesy of JRPR)