Ben Meredith and Always Me Finish Out Stellar Week With Corta-Flx® Award

Friday, June 23, 2017
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nternational show jumper Benjamin Meredith’s mount, Always Me, won the Corta-Flx Sport Horse of the Week Award after winning the $20,000 Open Welcome Stake at the Colorado Horse Park

International show jumper Benjamin Meredith’s mount, Always Me, won the Corta-Flx Sport Horse of the Week Award after winning the $20,000 Open Welcome Stake at the Colorado Horse Park

Parker, CO– Corta-Flx®, a leading supplement company among the world’s top equestrian competitors, recently awarded its Sport Horse of the Week Award to Benjamin Meredith’s stunning gray mare, Always Me.

The award is given out to horses that exemplify exceptional fitness, soundness, and athleticism. The show jumping duo was presented with full-sized Corta-Flx supplements and a tri-colored sash during Week II of the Summer in the Rockies show series at the Colorado Horse Park, following a sweeping victory for Meredith and his up-and-coming mount in the $20,000 Open Welcome Stake at the Parker, Colorado venue.

“The jump-off was really well suited for her,” remarked Meredith. “I thought the show grounds did a great job with the course. It wasn’t super technical, but it made you stretch out and then collect really quickly. During the jump-off, there were long distances between the jumps, and it really suited her. She reacted very well – it felt like she was having a blast.”

Meredith’s winning mount, Always Me, is a 12-year-old Dutch Warmblood (Larino x Heartbreaker) with only about a year and a half of experience in serious competition. After acquiring her last October, Meredith started competing her in his hometown of Wellington, Florida, where she began collecting top placings while he developed her skills in the show ring.

“We came out to Colorado because we thought it would be a great place to develop her in the Grand Prix. It’s not as big as the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, so it’s a great chance to teach her about first round, round clear, and coming back for the jump-off – because that’s a new thing for her. At this point, my goal is to just keep going clear in the Grand Prix.

Benjamin Meredith and Always Me

Benjamin Meredith and Always Me

When asked what he likes most about his winning mount, Meredith commented on her agility, responsiveness, and ability to pick up speed. “I like horses that are fast and quick off the floor. She reacts very quickly and she can be pretty fast if she wants to be. This was really the first time that I’ve put the pressure on her to see how she would deal with it, and she responded fantastically.”

A successful international show jumper, Meredith runs his own sales and training business, Carben Farms, out of his Wellington facility. Carben Farms offers individualized training and sales services minutes away from the Winter Equestrian Festival show grounds.

Over the course of a long career, Meredith has accumulated an impressive list of wins in the show ring, as well as an extensive wealth of knowledge when it comes to equine wellness, fitness, training, and care. When asked what he does to keep his horses fit, sound, and healthy, Meredith emphasized the importance of looking after the individual needs of each horse on a daily basis.

“My philosophy is to make sure to treat each horse as an individual. It’s really important to listen to the horse, and to learn through experience what they need and when they need it. We approach their care and nutrition day by day – it’s not just a set schedule. I believe a happy horse will perform well, so we just try to keep them happy.”

Meredith plans to put his new prize supplements from Corta-Flx to use right away for his team of star show jumpers. “I haven’t tried Corta-Flx before, but I read the label and I think it looks amazing. I have a couple of horses that I plan to start on it right away.

Offering an entire line of performance and health supplements, Corta-Flx has provided the world’s top equestrians with clinically proven, trusted supplements since the company’s founding 20 years ago. The company’s namesake product, Corta-Flx joint supplement, delivers rapid results through its micro-sized and water-soluble nutrients, which pass through cellular walls with more ease than larger molecules, quickly reaching affected joints.

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