The Beligian Warmblood Studbook Aproves 20 New Stallions

Saturday, March 28, 2009
Posted by Christy

After the several tests of the third phase, spread over 3 days and one day of rest, there came an end to the 2009 stallion selection procedure.

The new crop consists of 20 stallions: 5 of them are approved as dressage stallions, 15 as jumping stallions. Another 6 candidates could not participate because of various injuries and will get a second chance at the additional third phase.

With the approval of 5 dressage stallions, BWP gave a clear impulsion to the dressage horse breeding within our studbook. Selection committee president Boudewijn Schepers found that the large contribution from our neighbouring studbook could only enhance that dressage impulsion. Several selected jumping stallions once again illustrated our strong reputation as producer of high quality jumping horses.

The selection committee members were enthusiastic about the new formula of the third phase, which allowed more rest during the different tests and which gave them the opportunity to see and to judge the candidates at several occasions, and so to better make their ultimate decision. The selection committee president said that he had a far better feeling than at the end of the second phase in Moorsele. The participating stallion owners also had much appreciation for the new way of proceeding during the third phase.

For the complete list of the approved stallions and their photograph, please surf to

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