Belgium Wins Two at Chantilly

Monday, July 20, 2015
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(Photo: RB PRESSE)
(Photo: RB PRESSE)

The stunning Marseillaise interpreted yesterday by a talented singer in opening of the Longines Global Champions Tour hasn’t changed anything: the popular anthem of this 2015 edition of the Jumping of Chantilly was the Brabant. After Gregory Wathelet yesterday, the young Constant Van Paesschen (21) triumphed in the second Grand Prix of the weekend, the Masters Airbus, associated to his 12 y-old Diamanthina van T Ruytershof.

(Photo: RB PRESSE)
(Photo: RB PRESSE)

This class was a matter of youngsters, a settling of accounts between gifted riders of the young generation, because in order to win this Masters Airbus after a 16 participants’ jump-off, Constant Van Paesschen had to beat the (even younger) young Irish, Bertram Allen (19) and his equally young Belmonde (9). “It’s true, we are jostling a little bit, but he wins more often than me, it’s only my second victory in a 5* Grand Prix. But he really wasn’t ok with that.”

Two Belgian victories in the two big classes. “What we call a good Belgian weekend”! said Constant Van Paesschen. That will cheer up everyone for the European Championship in Aachen: “Of course, such results are great for Belgium, unfortunately, for me, it’s damn because I missed my chance in Rotterdam with Toscan de St. Hermelle, my horse for championships, as Diamanthina is really not shaped for this type of events”.

The French riders were 6 among the 16 starters of the jump-off, a strong representation. But even if they were that representative, the first French to get a result is fifth, with Flora de Mariposa and Pénélope Leprévost. The Longines Global Champions Tour caravan leaves Chantilly to join London next week. Longines Global Champions Tour Jumping Chantilly 2016 will take place from May 27th to 29th.