Be A Limitless Equestrian: Part Two - Five Steps to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Wednesday, February 2, 2022
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Laura King is a certified Hypnotist (CHt), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, and Life and Sports Coach offering private sessions by Zoom or smartphone and has helped thousands of people – from Olympic athletes, high-level CEO’s, award-winning trainers, public figures and prominent physicians to parents of young riders – discover just how limitless their own potential can be.

An accomplished equestrian, she understands how to identify and address the limiting beliefs that can, despite hard work and dedication to their horses and goals, still hold someone back and says, “A limiting belief is a state of mind, personal truth, or script you play over and over in your head that holds you back from living the life you deserve. It could be a belief about yourself, your relationship with others or with money, or your place in the world.”

In Part Two of Be A Limitless Equestrian: Five Steps to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Laura goes into how NLP and hypnosis can be used to challenge entrenched ways of thinking and reprogram life-limiting beliefs.

4. NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming

“Conditioning yourself to new beliefs means creating the reality you want for yourself in your mind,” says Laura. “That’s where NLP comes in.”

NLP is a tool for reprogramming the mind (it’s been called an Owner’s Manual for the brain) and can be boiled down to five principles and four techniques for finding the “fastest way toward excellence.”

The principles underscore that there is no such thing as failure; what you think is what you get; if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten; the map is not the territory; and you are not broken, you have everything you need to succeed, you just need a little help in learning what you don’t know.

“NLP is used by millions of people worldwide to help them break up internal systems of doing things. To create a different result, you must create new, positive behaviors to replace the old ones,” she says. “The fastest way toward excellence is to find someone who is already doing it and do what they do.”

Laura King

There are four techniques to achieve this – Modeling, Circle of Excellence, Theatre of the Mind, and Anchoring.

Modeling is imagining someone who is confidently living the life you want and emulating their appearance, thoughts and actions. 

A Circle of Excellence, she says, refers to the people and environment around you.  Visualize yourself in a circle and, “Fill it with whatever has contributed to your success.”

In your Theatre of the Mind, she suggests visualizing the outcome you wish to occur as director of a movie about yourself. Imagine the smell of your horse, the sound of its hooves, and the rocking sensation of its canter. “Visualize excellence,” she says. 

Finally, Anchoring is the creating of a response through association, i.e. “I am patient and focused when I step into the arena.” The key, she says, is to attach the anchor ro the desired emotional response.


Together, NLP and hypnosis offer a goal-setting pas de deux.

 “Hypnosis can help you understand who you are now and help you discover who you want to become,” Laura says. “The goal of hypnosis is to change behavior through direct suggestion and the reprogramming of the brain. It goes beyond therapy because it goes directly to the subconscious. We only use 12% of our conscious mind, so tapping into the other 88% that deals with your unawareness is key to unlocking your limitless potential. 

“With hypnosis, you can change your attitudes and beliefs, and thereby change your emotional responses. It’s ideal for helping you alter patterns that aren’t helping you be the best you can be. It can reduce guilt, anger and resentment while opening you up to experience more joy, caring and happiness.”


A horse in training builds different muscles and may need a saddle refitting. You too should anticipate that changes in your approach to life and riding may reveal new layers to -- or even entirely new sets of -- limiting beliefs.

“Remember, this is an ongoing process,” Laura assures. “Don’t be hard on yourself. Often when you change a personal truth you unpack more beliefs that need work.

“You’ve got this. When you realize you can change your life by changing your limiting beliefs, you’ll discover whole new paths.” Paths that are positively limitless.

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