Base of Support for Trainer Whit Watkins

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

William R. Beavers, "Rocky"

William R. Beavers, "Rocky"

"William R. Beavers, "Rocky", is my amazingly kind and patient spouse, main support crew and best friend. He has grown into Mr. Fixit for everything from computer snafus to nonfunctional barn equipment. Our son, Travis Beavers is pursuing a college degree in Multi Media Design and Development for computers."Although not a horse fancier, Travis supports his mother's horse habit by coming out to cheer me on when he can.

"I can never thank Dolly Hannon or Hilda Gurney enough for their time, patience, and generosity in teaching me so many intricate details and the reasons behind some of the particularly esoteric traditions of our equine heritage.


Nancy F. Haywood has been a generous sponsor and supporter of my efforts and has never given up believing that we can achieve our goals.”

Watkins also knows the importance of giving back in spite of her busy and focused work she finds time for what is important. Watkins is the rider representative for the USDF Competition Management Committee and regularly sponsors classes at competitions in Albuquerque, NM and Houston, TX. She also donates instructional sessions for 4-H and other riding clubs in her area.