Backyard Racehorse: A Training Manual and So Much More

Thursday, May 18, 2017
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Backyard Race Horse

Have you ever dreamed of owning a race horse? Do you own a race horse? Are you a horse owner who wants to own a race horse? This manual teaches how to train racehorses in a farm setting and how to transition them to the track when they have a solid foundation.

This book covers training, equipment, rules at the track, terms etc. It covers typical training schedules, healthcare, feeding, track terminology, and many other subjects that will prepare you for the challenging world of the horse racing industry.

In it's 5th published edition, Backyard Race Horse gives an honest frank presentation of the realities of owning a racehorse. You learn what medications are really therapeutic and healing versus those that are short term fixes with long term harmful results.

The goal is to teach the owner or trainer how to develop his horse to his personal best without breaking him down in the process. There are many illustrations to help understand various techniques. This book should be useful for those who own or train or dream of having a race horse.

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About the author

Janet Del Castillo

Photo by Mike Potthast

Janet Del Castillo does it her way. She keeps her horses on her farm in Florida, gallops them through orange groves, and is confirmed in ther moral convictions. "I will not train a horse that I know is is pain. Nor will I train a horse that is unaware of the pain he has. If the owner feels otherwise, the horse goes to another trainer."

She is an affirmed believer that the little guy can win, that hard work and tenacity will payoff, and that dreams can come true. She became successful as a trainer with a throw away horse donated to a children's home. A divorced mother of three, that horse saved her farm and helped put her children through school.

While her book can be found on Amazon, the HorsesDaily Book Club likes to support their authors by encoring our readers to buy direct. You can purchase Janet's DVD and book package at this page.

Watch this heart rending video that tells a bit of Janet's story