Back On Track Shares Success With Florida Dressage Shows In 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011
Posted by bossmare


Back on Track and their full line of pain relief fabric products for both animals and humans has taken off in the equine world, and they want to share their success. The products work and have become so popular and effective in the Dressage and equine world, that the company has made the commitment to the Dressage Show series in southeastern Florida to be a major corporate sponsor. Used and endorsed by many of the top equestrians in the world, the company continues to share their success. Throughout the winter season at the Wellington Classic, Gold Coast Dressage and International Horse Sport Palm Beach, Back on Track products will be distributed to the winners of selected classes. “We are pleased to have Back on Track on board with our shows this year raising the bar for all we can offer the competitors who invest in our shows and being in Florida.” said John Flanagan, sponsorship coordinator. “By having their support and their quality products to distribute as prizes, we are giving another added value to our efforts in developing a series of quality events with quality sponsors for our competitors.”

With the support of Back on Track the shows continue to thrive creating many opportunities for competitors, judging forums, educational and charitable efforts to grow. Back on Track has also partnered with ShoClothes a fine apparel and accessory company with both a store and mobile unit in the Wellington Community making sure there are plenty of products on hand for stocking up on all your therapeutic needs. At the Alltech/FEI World Equestrian Games Back on Track was a vendor and sold out of some products during the first few days of the event. “We did not really know what to expect at the WEG.” said Back on Track’s President and CEO Bo Lofvander. “But we were busy during the entire event at the trade fair. We want to continue to share our success with the Dressage riders and trainers who have enjoyed out products and spread the word and our products.”

Back on Track Products have evolved from a combination of ancient Chinese wisdom and modern science as well as skilled textile production. The result is a polyester/polypropylene fabric with a ceramic powder melted into the fabric's very own weave. The ceramic particles reflect body heat as an infrared wave, a form of energy with a highly documented pain-relieving effect. This reflected heat helps to ease inflammation, reduce muscle pain and increase blood circulation. Back on Track products can be used to warm up your horse's muscles before exercise, thus reducing the risk of strains or injury. Most importantly, the products' dual capacity to prevent injury as well as ease and expedite the recovery of already present injuries is what makes Back on Track products so unique. These products' genuine aim is to contribute towards your horse's wellbeing and good health in the easiest, most comfortable and pleasant way.


Not just for horses, the human products have proven incredibly effective for tired and injured bodies as well. “I sleep on a Back on Track mattress cover, and know it works because when I stay at a hotel without one I feel the difference in the morning, and that’s what the mini blankets are for.” said DressageDaily’s Mary Phelps. The ‘Mini Blankets’, which also work as leg wraps are perfect for riding in a car or on a plane, and I also put them in my dog’s bed.”

Be sure to stick with DressageDaily throughout the winter season as we bring you show coverage and Back on Track specials throughout the 2011 winter season.


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