Back By Popular Demand - Christophe Hess - A Seminar On The Training & Judging of Young Dressage Hor

Saturday, February 24, 2007
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Back by popular demand, this year’s symposium will again feature Christoph Hess. Mr. Hess has worked for the German Equestrian Federation’s training department since 1978 and is presently Director of Training & Education at the German Olympic Committee. He is also an FEI "I" judge for Dressage and Eventing and is a member of the FEI Eventing Committee. He is actively involved internationally in the education of judges and instructors, and has judged and provided commentary for the FEI Young Horse Championships.

Hosted by The North American Dressage Trainers’ Club, the 5th International Symposium, will be held April 7 – 8 at The Dressage Center in Deleon Springs, Florida.The symposium will be preceded by a 2-day clinic featuring all levels of horses and riders, including some of the pairs to be featured in the symposium.

For a total of four days, Mr. Hess will address the philosophy and psychology of training horses with the goal of producing upper level dressage horses. Horses at various stages of their training and development will be presented and discussed. Active participation from auditors will be strongly encouraged during the symposium, while during the clinic days, Mr. Hess will be focused on the riders.

  • The clinic and symposium are open to all Judges, Trainers, Riders and Breeders.
  • Pre-registration ends March 1st.
  • Applications post-marked after 3/1/07 will require full cost.

2-day Clinic 2-day Symposium

  • pre-registration - $25/day or $40 for both days pre-registration - $100/day or $150 for both days
  • after 3/1/07 postmark - $30/day or $50 for both days after 3/1/07 postmark - $125/day or $200 for both
  • No dogs allowed
  • NO private Videotaping