Axel Steiner Judges at Aachen

Monday, July 24, 2000
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For American judge Axel Steiner, Aachen provided a preview of what he will be seeing as one of the dressage judges at the Olympic Games in Sydney. Traveling with fiancee, equestrian photographer and artist Terri Miller, Steiner is also judging Dortmund, and Hickstead, before returning to American soil.

After the first set in the Grand Prix Special featured such horse and rider combinations as Ulla Salzgeber and Rusty, Nadine Capellmann and Farbenfroh, Isabelle Werth and Gigolo, we caught up with a gleeful Steiner chatting with Dr. Uwe Schulten Baumer Sr. on a short judges' break. "To be judging such horses at the start of the day, is a total joy."

Steiner is also a great fan of DressageDaily, as Terri Miller can attest to. "When we return from our travels abroad, it is the first site he checks on the Internet, even before checking his stocks." said Miller, "And that's saying a lot"

Thanks Axel, hope you guys are having a wonderful time, and getting organized for that wedding in September!

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