Austrian National Dressage Championship at Dressage at Schindlhof Set to Begin

Tuesday, September 6, 2016
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Schindlhof, Fritzens Austria. Photo: © Mary Phelps 2016

In the magical setting of the Austrian Alps, more than 100 horse and rider combinations are headed to the state championship beginning this Thursday in the Tyrolean region of Fritzens, Austria.

Evelyn and Klaus Haim

Evelyn and Klaus Haim.  Photo: © Mary Phelps 2016

"Overwhelming," said tournament director Klaus Haim, referring to the reception that will find the fourth Dressage State Championships at Schindlhof (after 1996, 2002 and 2009). "25 horses have called only for the two sub-competitions of the state championship, last year there were 14 nominations. These incredible results include eligible entries for Young Riders, Juniors, Youth and Pony. "

Olympian Victoria Max-Theurer sets her sights on Saturday for their 14th title in a row. Coming with her top horses Blind Date and Della Cavalleria the WM-Sixth of Upper Austria is targeting her 14th consecutive title (see list of dressage champion below).

Olympian Victoria Max-Theurer sets her sights on Saturday for their 14th title in a row.

Olympian Victoria Max-Theurer with Blind Date sets her sights on Saturday for their 14th title in a row.

Last year, Silver went to EM teammate Astrid Neumayer (Upper Austria) with Rodriguez, bronze Katharina Wünschek (northeast) with Amüsant OLD. The Tyrolean hostess Evelyn Haim-Swarovski was 2015 Dorina Fourth.

All information on the Austrian National Championship dressage and Austrian Championship Young Riders, Juniors, Youth and

The tournament program

All dressage champion since 1972:

2015 Victoria Max-Theurer

2014 Victoria Max-Theurer

2013 Victoria Max-Theurer

2012 Victoria Max-Theurer

2011 Victoria Max-Theurer

Evelyn Haim Swarovski and Dorinda

Evelyn Haim Swarovski and Dorinda. Photo: © Mary Phelps 2016

2010 Victoria Max-Theurer

2009 Victoria Max-Theurer

2008 Victoria Max-Theurer

2007 Victoria Max-Theurer

2006 Victoria Max-Theurer

2005 Victoria Max-Theurer

2004 Victoria Max-Theurer

2003 Victoria Max-Theurer

2002 Stefan Peter / Nina Stadlinger

2001 Stefan Peter

2000 Stefan Peter

1999 Stefan Peter

1998 Sandra Walther

1997 Caroline Hatlapa

1996 Ernst Bachinger

1995 Peter Ebinger

1994 Günther Zach


1993 Peter Ebinger

1992 Elisabeth Theurer

1991 Annemieko Heiloo

1990 Ernst Bachinger

1989 Ernst Bachinger

1988 Ernst Bachinger

1987 Regina Molden

1986 Christa angle

1985 Ernst Bachinger

1984 Heinz Breza

1983 Elisabeth Theurer

1982 Elisabeth Theurer

Schindlhof, Fritzens Austria

Schindlhof, Fritzens Austria. Photo: © Mary Phelps 2016

1981 Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg

1980 Elisabeth Theurer

1979 Elisabeth Theurer

1978 Elisabeth Theurer

1977 Ines from Badewitz

1976 Heinz Breza

1975 Ines from Badewitz

1974 Ines from Badewitz

1973 Ines from Badewitz

1972 Heinz Breza