Attend the World Dressage Masters for a Chance to Win Back on Track Door Prizes

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Posted by Lynndee


Wellington – If you attend the upcoming World Dressage Masters competition, hold tight to your ticket stub because it could win you some fabulous Back on Track products. Back on Track has donated $10,000 worth of products to be given away as door prizes throughout the event.

Drawings will be held on Friday, Jan. 30 during the Anky van Grunsven clinic and again on Saturday during the Grand Prix Freestyle. Bo Lofvander, owner of Back on Track Products in the USA, said he donated the items not only to introduce Back on Track products to more dressage fans, but also because he wanted to add to the fun for spectators.

"I think it's nice when you attend an event like this and you have a chance to win something that's really useful," he said. And what's being given away are definitely products every equestrian can use – 23 horse blankets, 22 pairs of leg wraps and 22 saddle pads, all from Back on Track's line of therapeutic products for horses.

The World Dressage Masters brings together 20 of the world's best rider and horse pairs and is by invitation only. Among riders who will be competing are van Grunsven, Steffen Peters, Edward Gal and Ashley Holzer. They'll be competing for €100,000 (US$133,000) in prize money. The competition, being held Jan. 29-31 at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, is a five-star CDI and is part of a series of World Dressage Masters competitions. The other competitions are Salzburg Austria, (May 1-3), Munich, Germany, (May 21-24) and Hickstead, Great Britain (July 23-26).

"We are proud to be associated with this unique event. The stature of the Exquis World Dressage Masters and the excitement it has generated throughout the global dressage community is an ideal opportunity to display our products before a large and educated audience," Lofvander said.

Event organizer Mark Bellissimo, chief executive of Equestrian Sport Productions, is just as thrilled to have Back on Track as one of the event sponsors. "We are delighted to be able to stage an event that attracts a sponsor of the quality of Back on Track. It is gratifying that these products will be going to the spectators as it fits with our policy of offering world class events at prices that are affordable to most families," he said.

Dressage riders who use Back on Track products include Americans Steffen Peters, Debbie McDonald, Michelle Gibson and Sue Blinks and Australian Ilse Schwarz. Jumper riders include Beezie Madden, McLain Ward, Anne Kursinski and Chris Kappler.

Back on Track products evolved from a combination of ancient Asian healing methods, modern scientific findings and skilled textile production leading to a fabric of polyester with a ceramic powder melted into the threads. The ceramic reflects body heat as an infrared wave, a form of energy that has a documented pain relieving effect. This reflected heat can reduce inflammation, ease muscle tension, increase blood circulation and hasten healing.

To win one of these fabulous Back on Track products at the Exquis World Dressage Masters, reserve your tickets at equestriansports.com or telephone 561-793-5867. Tickets will also be available at the entrance to the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center.

To learn more about all the Back on Track products available for horses, people and dogs, visit www.backontrackproducts.com.

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