Ashby Stock Farm - A Massachusetts Dressage Training Paradise

Tuesday, July 23, 2013
Posted by Betsy LaBelle


Nancy Later Lavoie
Nancy Later Lavoie
Ashby Stock Farm started out as a big dairy farm, located one hour drive north-west of Boston, where the milk was sold all over Worcester County, Massachusetts. Purchased fourteen years ago by Jeanne and Charlie Parlee of Chelmsford, MA, who converted the 250 acre property into the beautiful equestrian center where Nancy Later Lavoie is fortunate to train horses and students. By renovating many of the buildings, adding charming apartments in what was the milk house; they took great care in making the facility just right for training dressage horses to high levels. Nancy said, “The horses have a fantastic environment to work and fields to relax. The property lends itself beautifully to the events we host. There is a climate controlled lounge as well as viewing area. The arena itself stays cool in the summer and can be heated if necessary. We have extra stalls for people who want to come for clinics or short term training courses. There are two outdoor arenas for warm up and riding in the fair weather.”
Ashby Stock Farm Outdoor Arena
Ashby Stock Farm Outdoor Arena
Trainer Nancy Later Lavoie has studied the art dressage extensively in the U.S. and in Germany. She brings the experience of top level competition and training methods to her daily routine. She is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist. Nancy has trained horses and riders to compete through the Grand Prix level. Her philosophy is simple, education leads to long term success. It is possible to complete a dressage test with pressure and still get good marks, it is an art to complete a dressage test in harmony. “Our goal is harmony,” Nancy commented. With two assistants’ young horse specialists, Chanett Chemnitz, and FEI rider Ariel Matisse she continued, “This team is creating a training environment for young horses through Grand Grix and creating a solid foundation for children as well as continuing education for adults.”

Upcoming Events at Ashby Stock Farm

Winning Wednesday's:

This summer, we are hosting for the first time: Winning Wednesday's, a Ride-a-Test afternoon one Wednesday of every month. July 24, 2013 will be the next one. Riders are invited to come and ride any test of their choice - Freestyles included. After the test we go over the movements, step by step, and repeat anything that the rider has a question about, or can be ridden better. This is the perfect venue for people to come try a new level or take a young horse out for experience.

Adult Camp:

August 23-25, 2013 is our Adult Camp. This will be our third year doing the adult camp and it is a lot of fun. Again, people are able to come and enjoy our fabulous facility. We have meals together, lectures, demonstrations, and everyone is invited to watch all of the lessons and ask questions. A super group of ladies attend to make dressage a game rather than a chore. The hard work pays off when the questions are answered and the horses understand what their human partners are trying to communicate with them.

George Williams - Platinum Performance and USDF sponsored Youth Education Program:

September 6 & 7, 2013, we will host George Williams as part of the Platinum Performance and USDF sponsored Youth Education Program. Region 8 Jr/YR's will have to apply to ride through USDF. Auditors are welcome. We are very excited to host this clinic and look forward to a great weekend of education!

Conrad Schumacher:

Nancy Later Lavoie's student Ariel Matisse riding in a clinic with Conrad Schumancher
Nancy Later Lavoie's student Ariel Matisse riding in a clinic with Conrad Schumancher
Conrad Schumacher will come in October again this year. Conrad Schumacher comes to the facility three times a year, as he is the bases for our training system here. October  5 & 6, 2013, we will host an open clinic, and October 7 we are planning a trainers workshop for the trainers of the young people in Region 8. Of course all trainers are welcome!  We are super excited about this project as it will be an extension of the symposium we did together with Bill Warren and Bill McMullin two years ago at Dry Water Farm.

The Ashby Stock farm is the perfect location to spend your summers with stalls available for short and long term training courses, clinics and many other educational activities. Check out our website for more details. www.nancylaterdressagehorses.com

Welcome Message: 
Ashby Stock Farm hosts many open fields
Ashby Stock Farm hosts many open fields
We want to welcome you to the Ashby Stock Farm, our summer home in Ashby, MA. This beautiful 250 acre farm has all the amenities a dressage enthusiast could dream of. Enter the lounge and kitchen area where we host dinner lectures and casual barbeques during our events. Follow through to the stables where you will find oversized box stalls complete with mats, automatic waterers and turbo fans. The feed and tack rooms are organized with precision and efficiency. Move down the aisle to the Olympic size arena complete with sound system, super footing and climate control. From the many windows one can view the beautiful fields and the two outdoor arenas. At the Ashby Stock farm we create an educational environment for all levels of riders. Creating a safe and methodical program this is a facility where horses thrive. Our horses are successful at all levels in the show arena and happy in their work. 
Nancy conducts clinics in Virginia, Wisconsin, New York and Massachusetts. She also has appeared in and written articles for The Chronicle of the Horse. Horseman's Yankee Pedlar, Practical Horseman, The Northeast Equine Journal and Dressage Today. Nancy is a feature Trainer on www.dressagetrainingonline.com. In addition to her own competition goals, she is excited about the growth of Dressage in America. The horse shows in Europe are really geared toward spectators, to bring dressage into the mainstream and create a more entertaining dressage show in America is another dream Nancy has.


Photos: Nancy Later Lavoie