Are You Covered When Your Horse Is Hauled by Your Trainer?

Monday, March 12, 2018
Posted by Tracey Scharf


I get this question all the time...If my trainer has a wreck while hauling my horse, will his/her, Care, Custody and Control Liability cover the death/injury of my horse? This is a great question and actually I will cover the importance for individuals to have their equine partner insured for Mortality and Medical/Surgical coverage, and also for trainers to have adequate Care, Custody & Control coverage for their Training or Riding Instruction business.  Normally, in this situation, the horse owner would file a claim under their Mortality and/or Major Medical insurance to be paid by their insurer. If the trainer was at fault in the accident your insurance company has the right to subrogate (bring legal action) against the trainer to recover the money they just paid you.

This makes it very important for the trainer to have adequate limits under his/her CCC coverage to cover the value of a customer’s horse that might get injured or killed while in his/her care custody and control.

The best way to cover the “investment” of your horse is to have Mortality Insurance and Major Medical coverage on your horse. If your horse is killed in an accident while being hauled by you, a friend, or your trainer, you would file a claim with your equine insurance company to recover your damages. If your horse is injured, the major medical coverage would respond to assist with the medical costs.

For trainers, it is very important to make sure you have adequate limits on your CCC to cover the value of your customers’ horses that you have in your care – at home and on the road.

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