Are You Covered After the Sale of a Horse?

Monday, November 20, 2017
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When you are a riding instructor, trainer or farm owner; from time to time you may either have a horse to sell, or you may act as an agent in the sale of a horse. When you have a Commercial Equine Liability policy and someone was to be injured while "test-riding" a horse, and they were to sue you for negligence for there injuries, then that is something that your policy may cover. What your Liability policy does not cover - is the horse as a product.

For instance, you sell a horse and after the new owner receives the horse, the horse becomes lame. The new owner does some further digging and finds that the horse was treated for a previous issue that was not disclosed to them and now they want there money back.  In your Bill of Sale it states that the horse was sold - AS IS.  Now the new owner has consulted with an attorney and the attorney has decided that they have a case.  This is not something that you have coverage for under your liability policy - as it does not cover horses as a product.

Susan Quinn, Esq., wrote a very informative article about this very subject for the HORSE JOURNAL.  Several states have laws in effect for "Equine - Lemon Law".  Know the laws in your state and talk with your Insurance agent on what you would, and would-not be covered for in the sale of a horse.   Check out Susan' article at

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