Apply Now For D4K Christian Kennedy Young Adult Scholarship

Thursday, June 6, 2019
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This scholarship will be awarded in memory of Christian Kennedy.  As a young rider, Christian was known for his kindness, his horsemanship, and his joie de vivre.  Dressage4Kids, Christian’s family, and the equestrian community have chosen to remember Christian through programs and scholarships that reflect and recognize his own understanding that horsemanship means much more than simply riding.

The D4K Christian Kennedy Young Adult Scholarship will be awarded to promote, train, and inspire young riders through a special winter training grant.The scholarship will fund one advanced rider, age 18-26, for the 2020 Wellington Winter Equestrian Festival, January through March 2020.  

The selected rider must plan on bringing his or her own horse (either owned or leased) and will work under the training leadership of Oded Shimoni at OS Dressage in Wellington, Florida. On riding with Oded, previous scholarship recipient Emily Gill commented, “I am really grateful to work with Oded; he pushes us to be better and that is just what we need!”

Kim Van Kampen of Hampton Green Farm has offered a special stabling rate. The scholarship recipient will need to trailer from Hampton Green Farm to OS Dressage twice weekly for lessons.The scholarship will provide funds up to $15,000 towards transportation to/from Wellington, stabling, training, showing expenses (if applicable), and living expenses (recipient must find their own housing).

Interested riders must submit an application with information regarding recent training and clinic experience, a training video, a letter of recommendation, two references, and a letter stating riding and life goals.The selection committee is interested not only in an excellent rider, but in a well-rounded and committed student who is a strong team player, who demonstrates ethical behavior, and who has sound horsemanship skills.

Evaluation criteria may include: exceptional talent, proven ability to work hard, demonstrated ethical behavior, horsemanship skills, and consistent drive towards stated goals.

Any money awarded but not spent to achieve the goal outlined in the application must be returned to Dressage4Kids, Inc.  

All scholarship recipients will be required to write a report sharing what they have learned or accomplished in the form of a letter, journal or diary. Photographs may be included. The report will be kept by the Committee, shared with local organizations if applicable, and may be used for publicity purposes to advance the overall scholarship awards program.

All decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final.