Applications for Markel Equine Mortality, Liability, Commercial and Farm Owner

Saturday, January 4, 2014




Mary Phelps - Markel Equine, Farm, Ranch and Liability Specialist 800-572-3286, insurance@horsesdaily.com
Don't worry, it's not that complicated and we are here to help! We are constantly striving to make the application process quick and easy for you. We know you may have questions and do our best to be available for you. Tracey Scharf tracey@horsesdaily.com, is our Markel Customer Sales Representative and is available in our Florida office Mon-Thursday 9-4 EST, and on Friday 9-1 at 1-800-572-3286 and 386-985-1429. Even while on vacation or on weekends, Tracey monitors e-mails and phone messages. Mary Phelps can be reached by e-mail at mary@horsesdaily.com, and her cell/text is 270-378-4426.


The following applications are available for downloading. Just click on any product listed below to view or print an application. You can download applications and fax to our office at 386-985-4657. For our Hassle Free Mortality and Theft Application we can bind coverage if all of the information is complete and the fax is recieved in full. The applications are in a .pdf format. The Horse Mortality and Farm Owners applications can be filled out on your computer. After filling out the form, you will need to save it to a folder, and then it can be e-mailed to us as an attachment.

Equine Mortality Applications
If you would just like a quote and more information, take our on line tour, and we will get back to you personally with a quote.

  • Hassle Free Mortality and Theft Application
    Your horse is eligible for Hassle Free Mortality if
    • is between 91 days and 15 years of age
    • has an insured value not exceeding $50,000* (per horse)
    • Has no pre-existing conditions
    • Is in North America
    • is not a race horse, Tennessee Walker, Racking, Miniature Horse, Paso Fino, or Peruvian Paso
      *Certain limitations apply. Please call 1-800-572-3286 or e-mail tracey@horsesdaily.com for details.
  • Standard All Risk Mortality and Theft Application
    Standard All Risk Application Applies
    • If the Hassle Free Mortality program does not apply to your horse, our Standard All Risk Mortality & Theft policy provides the same coverage at an affordable price.
    • If the value of your horse includes purchase price plus training, show records and/or transit from Western Europe, you will need to complete our quick and easy Justification of Value Form.

Liability, Commercial and Farm Owner Applications
Remember we are here to help. Feel Free to send us an e-mail insurance@horsesdaily.com, or give us a call and we will work with you and make it easy.

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