Annual 2013 Sport Horse Auction at Dressage at Lexington, Virginia Coming Soon!

Thursday, May 23, 2013
Posted by Mary Phelps


The highly respected team of professional auction services headed up by Tim and Cathy Jennings of SportHorseAuctions.com's has had success over 35 years with events including the auction at the AQHA World Championship Show and the annual Pony auction held at the Kentucky Horse Park during the USEF Pony Finals. For the past seven years they have brought their expertise into the American Dressage Market, being the trusted managers of some premier dispersal auctions for American Breeders as Horses UnLimited and Sylvan Farm. After a one-year hiatus the 4th Annual 2013 Sport Horse Auction at Dressage at Lexington, Virginia (July 12-14) under a new company but with the same management team provides the opportunity for breeders, trainers and owners to market and sell their horses during an established Dressage Competition. “The auction brings interested buyers to a point of decision. They must act or lose an opportunity to purchase,” Tim Jennings explains. With expanded internet advertising, live webcasts of the auction and preview reaching the USA and 8 countries featuring live on-line bidding, the 2013 Sport Horse Auction at Dressage at Lexington, Virginia brings to America what Europeans have been doing for years. Here are some of the results, with average sale prices growing each year:

  • In 2009 the first year the auction was introduced, the average sale price was $10,051
  • In 2010, the average sale price was $13,738 with the high selling horse a 2005 G.O.V. mare by Rosenthal commanded a $42,000 bid.
  • In 2011 the average price increased to $15,868
  • 2012 - Took a year hiatus

Is There Any Better Way to Sell Sport Horses in North America?

Unlike North America, auctions are widely used for marketing Sport Horses in Europe. The Verbands, state studs and private auction firms have produced quality auctions for decades, and many European breeders and marketers use auctions as their primary sales vehicle. Why has the American market failed to develop a viable auction tradition? Based on market observations and conversations with buyers and sellers, there are two primary reasons for the limited success of Sport Horse auctions in America.

  • No auctions produced by breed associations or dedicated professionals.
  • Lack of support from Dressage training programs and major breeders.

Any hope for success takes a combination of a professionally produced, high quality auction and the support of industry professionals with high quality horses. The market potential is tremendous, but it will take a combination of experienced auction professionals and knowledgeable sellers to build a foundation for success.

SportHorseAuctions.com has studied what makes Europeans auctions special and is bringing those elements to the American market. Blending European traditions developed over generations, and the American model used in the best Thoroughbred auctions, creates a cost effective market that Dressage enthusiasts can employ to sell and buy the best quality horses.

“Thirty-five years ago we committed to producing the best show horse auctions in America. Our firm has managed over 340 horse auctions in eighteen states with gross sales of more than $185,000,000.00, drawing horses and buyers from all fifty states and fourteen foreign countries,” said Tim Jennings. “We have sold horses as high as $850,000. And we sold the highest priced show horse sold at auction in North America in 2010 for $300,000 and in 2012 for $850,000. But no matter how hard we try or how much we spend, we can't do this alone. This must to be a joint effort and we need your help. So here is the challenge. 

 Will you help us to develop an American auction market that compares to the best Europe has to offer? If the answer is yes, then contact us for entry information for the Sport Horse Auction with Dressage at Lexington. Your support is crucial.'

Tim Jennings