Announcing the 2013 Global Dressage Festival CPEDI3* March 14-17, 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013
Posted by Lindsay McCall and Adequan Global Dressage Festival



Wellington, FL - Announcing the 2013 Adequan Global Dressage Festival WEF Dressage Classic CPEDI3* presented by Today's Equestrian and Fellows scheduled March 14-17, 2013. This will be the first opportunity of the 2013 season for Para-Equestrian Dressage riders to begin the qualifying process for the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France. The Adequan Global Dressage Festival CPEDI3* will take place in Wellington, Florida at the beautifully designed Adequan Global Dressage Festival Show Grounds. Entries may be entered online at EquestrianEntries.com or mailed to Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, Attn: Adequan Global Dressage Festival, 14440 Pierson Road, Wellington, FL 33414. Definite Entries must be entered by February 28, 2013.

For questions about the 2013-2014 Para-Equestrian Dressage season please contact the USEF High Performance Director of the Para-Equestrian Discipline Laureen K. Johnson at 908-326-1155 or e-mail lkjohnson@usef.org

For more questions about Para-Equestrian Dressage please contact Hope Hand at Hope@uspea.org or (610) 356-6481.


2013 Adequan Global Dressage Festival Show Managers:
Manager/Entry Secretary: Lloyd Landkamer phone: 612-290-8523 Fax: 866-832-8610 Secretary: Angela Goodwin-Volpert/Peggy Warren
Co-Secretary: Becky Johnston
Co- Manager/Secretary: John Hoppman 612-799-6381
E-mail: DressageFestival@aol.com
Website: GlobalDressageFestival.com

Entries may be entered online: at EquestrianEntries.com
Entries may be mailed to:
Palm Beach International Equestrian Center
Attn: Global Dressage Festival
14440 Pierson Road
Wellington, FL 33414

Definite Entries: February 28, 2013
Last date of substitution: Within 1 Hour prior to Horse Inspection March 14, 2013

Ground Jury: Carlos Lopes (POR/4*), Bo Ahman (SWE/4*), and Kristi Wysocki 'S'
Chief Steward: Elisabeth Williams 'Level 3' Technical Delegate: Jean Kraus 'R'

FEI Para-Equestrian Steward Overall: Sandy Rafferty Level 2

Assistant Stewards: Jimmy Mandala (USA) Name: Heather Peterson (USA) Name: Deeda Randle (USA)

March 14, 2013 -Horse Inspection
March 15, 2013 -Team Test Grade Ia, Ib, II, III, IV
March 16, 2013 -Indivdual Test Ia, Ib, II, III, IV
March 17, 2013 -Freestyle Championship Tests Grade Ia, Ib, II, III, IV

Novice Tests are available for riders who are new riders and are looking for experience. These test scores will not count towards FEI qualifications.

Please check out the new FEI Tests Here