Anne Gribbons The Communicator

Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Posted by Christy


Anne Gribbons




Anne describes her specialty in dressage as 'doing it the hard way' because she considers herself to not be a 'natural' rider. She points to one of her trainers, Herbert Rehbein, as an example of a natural rider. But because she knows the pitfalls of riders who are not completely 'instinctive', she considers herself a better teacher. In fact, she says that some very good teachers on the ground may not be great riders, and that there is no guarantee that a great rider will also be a good teacher. According to Anne, the key is being able to articulate and communicate. "If the rider isn't getting it, then saying the same thing over and over or louder is not going to help," Anne explained. "You must be able to communicate the message in many ways until the student understands. That is entirely another skill."


With her background in journalism, public relations, languages and psychology, Anne is an educated communicator. In addition to her degree from Sweden, Anne also earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English and Psychology in the U.S. Though she planned on attending journalism school twice, horses took priority both times. Although she didn't pursue journalism in academia, she has become a noted equestrian journalist. Anne has published articles in Dressage & CT, Dressage Today, and is in her ninth year as the dressage columnist for The Chronicle of the Horse. She is especially pleased that she received a Press Pass for the 2002 World Equestrian Games in Jerez, Spain. "I love to write," says Anne. "It's tied in to teaching."


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