Anna Marek and Einstein JP Take a Trip to a Wellington Win

Monday, March 18, 2019
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Anna Marek and Einstein JP in their winning test. ©SusanStickle.com_..jpg
Anna Marek and Einstein JP in their winning test. ©SusanStickle.com.
Anna Marek and Einstein JP in their winning test. ©SusanStickle.com.

Anna Marek, who lives and trains in Ocala, Florida, made the trip to Wellington with a barn load of horses in March and had a grand old time. With Einstein JP Sunday, March 17, at the Adequan® Global Dressage Festival (AGDF) they saved the best for last. The last ride of the class, Marek and Einstein JP won the FEI Intermediate I Freestyle CDI3* presented by Yellow Bird Farm.

The pair rode to a score of 75.708%. “I think the highlight of my test was the canter work,” said Marek. “Sometimes I struggle with him spooking, all last year he was kind of up and down. He was with me the whole time. He was relaxed, there was a lot going on, and he took it.

“Even though he’s a little spooky in his mind, he learns things easily. All the tricks are easy for him. It’s keeping him focused on me, and keeping him trusting me when he gets scared,” continued Marek. “He learned everything so fast, but now it’s just the confidence in me that’s making me so proud of him.”

Marek brought her 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding by Democraat through the levels herself. “I’ve ridden him since he was four, but I bought him when we were just starting Prix St. Georges,” continued Marek. “When he was [in] PSG, I had such an attachment to him because I had to put more work into him, and then I bought him.”

Karen Robinson of Applause Dressage put together Marek’s choreography and music. “She worked with me and made the choreography about the strengths and the weaknesses. I feel like the music is powerful, like Einstein is. I can kind of find the beat of the music and it sucks me in. I ride to it really well,” concluded Marek.

And it wasn't the only success in March for new mom Marek and the rest of her barn putting in their Wellington time. .

Final Results: FEI Intermediate I Freestyle CDI3* Presented by Yellow Bird Farm

Place, Rider, Nationality, Horse, Horse Information: Judge H% - Lee Tubman, Judge C% - Janet Lee Foy, Judge M% - Cesar Torrente, Total %

1.Anna Marek (USA), Einstein JP, 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding by Democraat x Vampiana JP owned by Anna Marek: 73.375%, 75.875%, 77.875%, 75.708%

2.Leif Aho (USA), Classy Sinclair, 12-year-old Oldenburg gelding by Sir Sinclair x Sacro Santa owned by Lisa Grossi: 76.250%, 73.625%, 75.000, 74.958%

3.Tom Dvorak (CAN), Denali, 11-year-old KWPN mare by Idocus x Rowena owned by Loren Hopkins: 71.750%, 73.375%, 73.500%, 72.875%

4.Janine Little (CAN), Quartett, 11-year-old BRNBDG gelding owned by Sue Anne Wells: 72.125%, 72.750%, 72.550%, 72.475%

5.Jami Kment (USA) Gatino Van Hof Olympia, 8-year-old KWPN gelding by Apache owned by Jami Kment: 73.375%, 72.750%, 71.250%, 72.458%

6.Ariana Chia (CAN), Fiderflame, 9-year-old Oldenburg gelding by Fidertanz x SPS Rose owned by Ariana Chia: 71.750%, 70.375%, 74.500%, 72.208%

7.Lori Bell (CAN), Flirt, 11-year-old Oldenburg gelding by Florencio x Arkona owned by Lori Bell: 69.750%, 71.125%, 70.875%, 70.583%

8.Katrin Dagge (USA), Laferrari, 13-year-old Oldenburg gelding owned by Rebeca McSeveney: 69.125%, 66.875%, 69.675%, 68.558%