Anky Begins Her Anky Education Center

Friday, February 12, 2010
Posted by bossmare

Triple Olympic Champion Anky van Grunsven has started her Anky Education Center. A concept for everyone: for the most advanced riders to beginners. The Anky Education Center comprises three parts. Have you always wanted to receive feedback on your own riding from an Olympic Champion? That's no longer a dream, , because for everyone around the world it is now possible to receive feedback on your own training through the internet. This way, Anky van Grunsven and Sjef Janssen want to share their expertise with the rest of the world. Training Feedback is a unique tool in worldwide sports.

Besides that, there is Anky E-Learning, a digital education program with unique training videos, in the future extended with all other main disciplines. These videos are a concept of and produced by Anky and Sjef, and show a clear explanation of riding skills from the basics up to riding the most advanced exercises. They also contain advice for solving and preventing several kinds of problems and mistakes.
The final option is that one can come to Erp in the future to be trained by Anky or one of her students at the Anky Education Center.

Everybody is welcome for advice. The Anky Education Center does not just focus on dressage riders, because also several top-level show jumpers and eventing riders come to Erp to work on their dressage skills.

Also curious? Go to the Anky Education Center at , upload your training video or download the Anky E-Learning!