Angela Barilar Prominent American Breeder Passes Away

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
Posted by bossmare

Angela passed away on Saturday, July 31 after a short illness. She discovered just four months ago she had stage four brain cancer and embraced the remainder of her life the way she has lived all along, with humor, love and her passion for her family, her horses and her farm. Angela Barilar has always been a constant presence at Dressage at Devon Breeder Division where her quality horses and foals represented the American Breeder in action. There is no doubt that her presence will live on in the program she established at her High Point Hanoverians in Chestertown Maryland which continues to thrive under the guidance of her longtime partner Klaus Schengber, until her daughter Larissa is ready to take over the reins.

Always known and recognized in the winner’s circle for quality horses with good minds and rideability it was Angela’s wish since discovering her terminal illness that her life’s work would continue, and remain a secured haven for clients and breeders.

A celebration of her life on her farm is planned at her request on the first anniversary of her passing, July 31, 2011. “She did not want any tears.” Klaus told DressageDaily. “And felt that in a year’s time there would not be as many. There will be many wonderful stories as her life touched everyone who knew her. Angela had the most happy and peaceful time on the last evening of her life. She had a wonderful dinner with her husband John, was smiling and joking, and then just a few hours later slipped away quietly.”

Klaus has posted this message for those who would like to donate something in her memory. In addition there are plans to create memorial awards in her honor.

"It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that I have lost my business partner, my friend, Angela Barilar on Saturday, July 31, 2010. Although we knew her prognosis, we were all hopeful that we would have more time. We spoke of business and of times we spent together, joked and kidded only two days ago. Her wish and vision had never changed. She wanted to breed and sell the best horses possible. Her vision will continue far into the future. Her vision is our goal. Her wish was also to have a memorial service at the farm one year after the day of her passing. My deepest sympathies go out to her wonderful husband John her daughter Larissa and her parents Peter and Shirley Sheaffer."

in lieu of flowers donations can be made in Angela's honor sent to:

Hospice of Queen Annes Inc.
255 Comet Dr.
Centreville, Md. 21617-2647
phone- 443-262-4100
ABTC Consortium and Brain Cancer Program at John's Hopkins