Andreas Helgstrand Not Available for Danish Team Selection

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Andreas Helgstrand on Akeem Foldager
Andreas Helgstrand on Akeem Foldager
The Danish Equestrian Federation (DRF) has announced that Andreas Helgstrand will not be available for Danish Grand Prix team selection for an uncertain period of time. This most likely means that Helgstrand and his top horse Akeem Foldager are out of 2014 World Equestrian Games contention. At the end of April the Danish federation decided to transfer the Helgstrand case to the appeal committee to ensure a thorough and objective investigaion. Following photos taken at the open house day at his yard, Helgstrand has been accused of animal abuse. This created an avalanche effect of sponsors withdrawing their contract with the top Danish rider, him being reported to the police, as well as threats being made towards Andreas, resultating in the brief arrest of one individual. Furthermore it has caused one more unhappy client to speak publicly about a horse deal gone bad which Helgstrand carried out at his yard. To read the full story - visit Eurodressage.com

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