The American Trakehner Association Updates Competition Performance Ribbon

Saturday, June 8, 2013
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The American Trakehner Association has made slight, but significant changes to its popular individual performance ribbon award program. “We got feedback from our members that they would like to see Trakehners recognized for turning in the best performance score at a variety of competitions, such as eventing, dressage, hunters, driving, jumpers and in-hand classes,” said Ruthanne Faine Gardner, an ATA Awards Committee volunteer. “The Board of Trustees agreed and we now are making these distinctive new ribbons available to show organizers at no cost to provide a recognition that will really please competitors.” Acknowledging the growing Trakehner presence in a wide variety of performance competitions, the new ribbon program updates the well known “High Point Trakehner” ribbon program. For years, that program awarded ribbons to Trakehners with the highest score in dressage and dressage sport horse breeding classes. But now the “Best Score Trakehner Ribbon Program” offers a coveted blue and white rosette ribbon to the Trakehner horse with the best score at any competitive event.

The horse need not be purebred Trakehner to be eligible, but must be registered with the ATA. Competitions may be in the United States or Canada. Information about ribbon winning horses, owners and riders is published in the “Trak Times Newsletter” to ATA members and the horse may also qualify for year-end awards.

For more information about eligibility requirements or to request a ribbon for an event, contact Ruthanne Faine-Gardner at 850-929-4991

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