American Equestrians Got Talent Week 7 Produces Two Acts Qualifying for the Finale

Saturday, February 27, 2016
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Mr. Doc Swan, a fire-eating magician and comedian competing at the AEGT Week 7!

The $1000 prize money sponsored by Jacquie McCutcheon and On Course Consignment went to the winning group, Grown But Young, this week, although singer Taylor Hughes was also applauded into the Finale line-up. This was the first week of auditions where Robert Dover, emcee, would allow only a non-singing group to win the prize money, although the best individual singers are still allowed to get applauded into a slot in the Finale line-up.

Tonight’s audition was filled with variety including Mr. Doc Swan, a fire-eating magician and comedian! Also included in the non-singing portion was violinist Julianna Adley, the always entertaining duo of Charlie and Rick singing a Rolling Stones classic fitting to the AEGT theme, “Wild Horses,” and the high school singing and dance group, Grown But Young. Judges were quite impressed with the quality of Wellington’s Equestrian Talentas the competition heats up as the Finale draws near. Judges for this week included Sydney Olympian show jumper, Lauren Hough, Coach and Gold Medalist for 3 Day Eventing, Captain Mark Phillips, Skyscraper Studios producer, Jason Sweet, former manager for the late James Brown, Ashwood Cabana, and Paul Taylor Dance Team member, Michael Apuzzo.

Despite the threat of rain, the house was filled for yet another week at the White Horse Fashion Cuisine. We are only two more audition nights away from the Finale, coming up on Sunday, March 20 at the Global Dressage Facility. We expect to sell out for the Finale, so get your tickets and tables now on sale at: http://www.uset.org/American_Equestrians_Got_Talent_Finale.php

Voting for your favorite performer is already available via texting! Text your favorite performer’s keyword (listed below) to 71-777 to vote. 25% of the funds raised will go toward the final score of each performer, and 25% of the number of unique votes will also go toward the final score of each performer.

Week 1 Winner: AlixWHO? Text AEGT3 to 71777 to vote for AlixWHO for the Finale.
Week 2 Winner: Hillary Text AEGT4 to 71777 to vote for HillaryEder for the Finale.
Week 3 Winner: Kayden Muller-Janssen Text AEGT6 to 71777 to vote for KaydenMullerJanssen for the Finale.
Week 4 Winner: David Willis Text AEGT7 to 71777 to vote for DavidWillis for the Finale.
Week 5 Winner: Teaghan James Text AEGT8 to 71777 to vote for TeaghanJames for the Finale.
Week 6 Winner: Zachary “Zack Attack” Duckworth Text AEGT9 to 71777 to vote for ZacharyDuckworth for the Finale.
Week 7 Winners: Grown But Young and Taylor Hughes. Keywords to vote soon to follow.

Join us for the exciting variety show again next week on Tuesday, March 1 at the White Horse Fashion Cuisine to see who will make it into the Finale!