Amazon Mom

Friday, March 7, 2003

The USET’s 1996 Representative to the Volvo World Cup Dressage, Gothenburg, Sweden, Kathy Von Ertfelda, has another claim to fame; her son Matthew is still one of the survivors of the Amazon as this season’s newsiest version of television best reality program is well underway.

Born in Hong Kong, the now 33-year-old designs restaurants and bars for a global lodging company, and was also listed as one of the 2002 People Magazine’s Most Eligible Bachelors. He grew up on his Mom’s horse farm in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, and was just in Florida on a family visit. No one knows, not even his Mom how long Matthew will last on the series. All survivor participants sign a multi-million dollar agreement to keep the outcome of the series top secret until the final show.

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