Alison Redston and Tony 47 Sweep National Pony Championship at Dutta Corp/USEF Festival of Champions

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Alison Redston and Tony 47 (Photo: SusanJStickle.com)
Alison Redston and Tony 47 (Photo: SusanJStickle.com)
Alison Redston (Needham, Mass.) swept the Pony division with her own Tony 47. She demonstrated a solid test with the 13-year-old German Riding Pony gelding to score 66.683% in the FEI Pony Individual Test. The pair won the National Championship with an overall score of 66.303%. "I thought our test went pretty well," said Redston. "Throughout the test he was more relaxed, especially compared to the awards ceremony the day before. I felt like it let out some of his energy and it also had a feeling that it was more like a regular show. He was much more relaxed and could be himself." Redston is thrilled with her results and has no regrets about getting into the discipline of dressage after this weekend. "I got into dressage because whenever I would jump, I would fall on my face, which was never fun. I always like to watch it (dressage) and I would be like, 'Wait, how did they do that?' and I wanted to learn about it and learn how to do it like those people who do things that seem impossible." Finishing in second place in the division were Madelyn Guthrie and Jordy. Guthrie (Westmont, Ill.) and her own 15-year-old Welsh Pony gelding presented a solid ride to score 64.026%. 

"Our ride had a lot more energy than yesterday," Guthrie commented. "After our last test we knew we needed to improve the energy level a little bit to improve all the movements as well. I think some of our highlights today were the medium and extended trot as well as the canter and we just really upped our game and knew we wanted to strive to be better. Jordy did really well and was there for me." 

Savannah Rose Franklund (Boulder, Colo.) rode into third place with CF Godiva Chocolate. She and her own 13-year-old American Quarter Pony gelding finished with an overall score of 63.384%.  

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