Alexandra Korelova and Balagur from Russia Earn Two Perfect 10’s at Aachen

Friday, July 3, 2009

It was not until the final set of the Grand Prix CDIO that the crowd of 60,000 spectators, all there to watch the best Dressage in the world began to get excited as the young Russian rider, Alexandra Korelova and her rescued Russian Police horse Balagur earned two 10’s for the piaffe. The only 10s the judges awarded so far. With the new FEI rule which does not allow the scores to go on the jumbo tron during the test, only the crowd can follow the scoring f the movements with small screens along the rail hidden from view of the riders. But it did not take the results to flash on the screen for the knowledgeable crowd to know a good thing when they saw it.

The nineteen-year-old Russian stallion who was a hit at the Olympic Games in Hong Kong did not disappoint as they demonstrated their claim to fame, the best piaffe in the world. Their performance earned them a third place is a class of thirty, with a 72.043.