Al-Marah Prince John and Kassie Barteau Win the TheraPlate Award at The Arabian Celebration

Thursday, April 16, 2015
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Al-Marah Prince John and Kassie Barteau (left) win the TheraPlate Award at The Arabian Celebration, with proud owner Mark Miller (right).
Al-Marah Prince John and Kassie Barteau (left) win the TheraPlate Award at The Arabian Celebration, with proud owner Mark Miller (right).

Newberry, FL - Al-Marah Prince John and Kassie Barteau were honored with the TheraPlate Award at the recent Arabian Celebration at Canterbury in Newberry, Florida. “Prince,” as Barteau affectionately calls the eight-year-old grey gelding, embodies excellent Arabian confirmation and fitness worthy of the TheraPlate Award. Prince is owned by Al-Marah Arabian Horses, which is owned from Mark Miller and features Barteau as head trainer. Miller proudly describes the incredible heritage of Al-Marah Arabians, noting that they are the oldest continuously - bred, privately-owned band of Arabian horses. Miller is the sixth person to have custody of this herd of horses, which is celebrating its 200th year of the horses being together. Prince was bred by Miller’s mother, the legendary Bazy Tankersley.

Prince is by Bremervale Andronicus with AM Power Raid as the maternal grandsire. These two stallions were Champion and Reserve National Champion Sport Horse Stallions in 2006 – possibly the only time the titles have gone to horses from the same breeder. “Prince has won the Legion of Masters in Excellence, which is the highest award an Arabian can win,” Miller said. “We feel his basics have been established now and very shortly we will be able to move him up into higher levels of dressage.”

Barteau has been working with Prince for about two years. “He has always been a really special horse - and he’s obviously very fit!” Evidence of his fitness can be seen with his achievements at The Arabian Celebration, and event held just after Prince and Barteau wrapped up a long and successful competition season at the Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida. Prince and Barteau have been competing in Training and First Level dressage, in addition to the Sport Horse Under Saddle class.
The TheraPlate Award recognizes horse-and-rider partners who personify TheraPlate Revolution’s core principles of ideal soundness, fitness, performance, and strength. Prince, with his quintessential Arabian personality and archetypal fitness, exemplifies these ideals. TheraPlate Revolution, based in Weatherford, Texas, presented the TheraPlate Award to Prince and Barteau. The TheraPlate Revolution is an effective and easy-to-use rehabilitation and therapy system.
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