Ahlmann is the Fastest in the Prize of the AachenMünchener

Monday, August 24, 2015
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Christian Ahlmann (GER) and Epleaser van’t Heike, Prize of the AachenMünchener, european championships 2015

Christoph Schmallenbach from the AachenMünchener and Stefanie Peters from the ALRV advisory board are congratulating Christian Ahlmann (GER) and Epleaser van’t Heike

Aachen (GER)- Only five of the 40 competitors in the Prize of the AachenMünchener managed to complete the round in the Prize of the AachenMünchener without picking up any faults and went through to the jump-off. Christian Ahlmann (GER) and his Belgian stallion, Epleaser van’t Heike, were in top form and crossed the finish line clear in the jump-off in the time of 44.26 seconds. Second place went to the British rider, Michael Whitaker with Valentin R - who took just three hundredths of a second longer to complete the course. The Swedish show-jumper Charlotte Mordasini came third with the French mare, Romane du Theil. All three were clear in the jump-off.

"Epleaser jumped brilliantly," said Ahlmann delighted. "That was a real Grand Prix, only five clear rounds. And even though the medals aren't being distributed until tomorrow, it was really good winning here tonight." Ahlmann has been riding the Belgian-bred horse, Epleaser, for just over 6 months. He was previously under the saddle of the Dutch rider, Frank Schuttert. In fact, the stallion actually won the Prize of AachenMünchener in Aachen with Schuttert last year.

"We won silver with team here, which we are very proud about. And now this victory with this wonderful horse. That gives me real motivation," said Ahlmann who is now looking forward to tomorrow's final day at the FEI European Championships Aachen 2015 even more.

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