An Adult Amateur - What the Ride For Life Means To Me

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

As an adult amateur competitor, the thought of showing is always exhilarating. What makes PVDA’s Ride For Life Show even more exciting, is being able to follow my passion of dressage, while contributing towards a very real health concern for so many women. I have found that the donors are always more than generous for this cause, as cancer, no matter what part of the body it invades, affects everyone either directly or indirectly.


From helping to raise funds for this cause, I have broadened my horizons about all the incredible services that the JHBC provides, which gives me hope that if I or anyone I know, is ever diagnosed with this terrible disease, that we have one of the best centers in the world right in our own backyard.

This show also always seems to have a special camaraderie, as folks are competing for a common cause rather than against each other. I always feel that my rides during this show are in honor of my donors, who have enthusiastically contributed funds in support of such a huge cause. And that we are ALL making a difference to combat this disease.