Adult Amateur Dressage Rider Denise Cole and Donnerprince Win the 2008 Dover National Merit Award

Sunday, December 28, 2008
Posted by bossmare

The Dover National Merit Award is presented to dressage riders that win three Dover medals within the same competition year. In addition to winning this award, Cole has also received her USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals and the USDF 3rd Level Adult Amateur Horse of the Year award. Her current mount Donnerprince is a five year old Hanoverian Gelding pasture horse that lives on Cole’s 17 acres.

Cole credits her riding knowledge to many longtime friends and associates including Professionals Choices' Kelly McGinnis. As an adult amateur, Cole is an inspiration to any up and coming amateur rider. “I think it’s very important to remember that for us, this is a hobby. We put the most amount of time we can into it, without sacrificing other areas in our lives,” says Cole. This seems to ring true as Cole is a busy mother, wife, and caretaker of her farm. “Professional’s Choice believes Cole exemplifies the spirit of a true amateur rider, and we are honored she chooses our products for the comfort and protection of her horse,” stated Dal Scott Founder/CEO of Professional’s Choice Sports Medicine Inc.

When asked what advice she’d give other amateur riders, Cole stated, “Being an amateur horse rider isn’t about how much you spend on your horse, or how fancy it is. It’s in cultivating the rideability, trainability, and safety of your horse. In the end, I always have to remember, my number one concern is my family and the horse thing just has to be fun!”