Adam Steffens, Winner of the GumBits Happy Horse Harmony Award, Knows the Secret to a Happy Horse

Wednesday, December 23, 2015
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Adam Steffens on Regatta won the GumBits Happy Horse Harmony Award at the Polar Express Horse show in Wellington, Florida

Adam Steffens on Regatta won the GumBits Happy Horse Harmony Award at the Polar Express Horse show in Wellington, Florida

Wellington, Florida — GumBits, a sponsor of the 2015 Adequan Global Dressage Festival, was pleased to wrap up a successful season by awarding their Happy Horse Harmony Award to Dressage professional Adam Steffens and his mount Regatta at the White Fences Polar Express Dressage Show this past weekend. Mares hold a special place in Steffens heart- especially mares that are nervous and need a little extra help doing their best in the show ring. Although good tests and blue ribbons are a perk, for Steffens, there’s nothing more rewarding than helping a anxious horse learn to love being competitive again.

Steffen’s and Regatta, a eight year old 2* Young Rider Eventing horse, over came some of those similar nerves and were chosen to be the Happy Horse Harmony Award winner during their Training Level 1 test on Saturday December 19th at the Polar Express Dressage show in Wellington, Fl. Regatta originally came to Steffens for “Dressage boot camp”- although Regatta is an exceptional cross-country and show jumping horse, dressage hasn’t come as easily.

Steffens explains, “I have been working with this horse for three years. The owners were originally going to get rid of her because they couldn’t get her on the bit or get her calm enough to do a dressage test at all. We started slow and now Regatta is showing well.” Steffens continues, “She is really nice and very safe. You can take her anywhere and she is happy to do her job now which is very rewarding for me.”

Steffen’s, who operates his business out of Dragonfly Farm in Wellington, Fl, understands the value of Gumbits philosophy- currently he uses GumBits every day on his personal horse and a horse that he took to the FEI four year old championships this past fall. The GumBits Happy Horse Harmony Award goes to riders who demonstrate true partnership with their horses. Much like Steffens and Regatta, pairs must demonstrate a harmonious ride characterized by signs such as a soft expression and suppleness. GumBits (made by Gambit Atlanta, Inc.) is happy to present the award to deserving riders at horse shows of every level of competition and discipline.

The White Fences Polar Express Dressage Show was held in the White Fences Community near Wellington, FL; the home of the Adequan Global Dressage Festival. The show, which ran from December 19-20, 2015 held classes from Training level to Grand Prix. The White Fences community will hold similar events until April. GumBits is delighted to be involved with local horse shows and looks forward to expanding its role in the equine community in 2016 with several exciting initiatives.

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