2kGrey Joins the Intrepid International Family

Monday, February 2, 2015

2kGrey riding apparel - known for its style and great fit both in and out of the saddle - is now available through Intrepid International
2kGrey riding apparel - known for its style and great fit both in and out of the saddle - is now available through Intrepid International

The fashion-forward equestrian apparel company 2kGrey is joining forces with Intrepid International, a manufacturer and distributor of quality tack and riding apparel. The global company Intrepid distributes its products to over one thousand tack shops worldwide. Riders will now be able to purchase their favorite 2kGrey products from Intrepid International retail dealers around the world. 2kGrey becoming a part of Intrepid International is an ideal step for both companies, which share a passion for innovative, high-performance equestrian designs. “Intrepid International has been searching for apparel to add to their extensive lines of horse tack,” explains Intrepid’s president, Larry Mitton. Mitton met 2kGrey founder Meryl Ranzer at just the right time. “Intrepid International began as a clothing manufacturer in the sporting goods industry, but in the early 1970's we diversified into the equestrian industry. However, we think it is time for us to go back to our roots by seeking out individuals that have extensive backgrounds in designing and knowledge of the equestrian industry,” Mitton says.

“We are aware that there is a lot of competition in this field, but by choosing to work with the right designers and developing a signature brand we can and will be a successful player within this product group.” One of the most applauded qualities of 2kGrey riding pants that make their design stand out from others is their flawless fit. In 2kGrey pants, wearers are as comfortable as they are stylish.

2kGrey’s Ranzer is excited to further connect high fashion with the equestrian lifestyle through a new partnership with Intrepid International. With twenty-five years of experience designing clothing lines for private labels like Oleg Cassini and Victoria’s Secret, Ranzer knows fashion — and Intrepid International knows horses.

Wearing 2kGrey’s riding pants— which are made of a light-weight denim that contains stretch and embellishments— creates shape and plays up curves. “2KGrey jeans symbolize function, comfort, and sexy style,” explains Ranzer. “These jeans play up your assets by creating and enhancing a coveted form that will turn heads in and out of the ring.”

Equestrians can now look to Intrepid International to find 2kGrey’s stunning equestrian apparel, which features riding pants and jackets that can easily go from the saddle to the street. “With 2kGrey’s product line, it’s fashion. It’s not just for riding,” Ranzer said. “It’s items you can wear in the barn and then wear out after your ride. It’s comfort and functionality!”

Mitton added, “Intrepid will now produce 2Kgrey’s top quality riding apparel known for its great fit. It is easy to care for, and appeals to ladies that look for style and comfort. Price points will be reduced to engage a larger segment of the riding public, while retaining the use of the best fabrics available and designing them in the USA.”

As a new year and new possibilities for Intrepid International and 2kGrey have begun, stylish riders are sure to benefit from the joining of these two popular equestrian companies. For more information on 2kGrey’s stylish line of equestrian women’s apparel, visit www.2kGrey.com

To learn more about Intrepid International— now a proud distributor of 2kGrey’s product line — and for a list of Intrepid’s retail locations, visit www.intrepidintl.com or call 800-347-0033.