2015 Pan American Games Canadian Rider Brittany Fraser Joins Elite Team of Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Ambassadors

Thursday, July 9, 2015
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Omega Alpha Ambassador Brittany Fraser and All In will compete in the 2015 Pan American Games for Canada (Photo: Cheryl Denault Photography)
Omega Alpha Ambassador Brittany Fraser and All In will compete in the 2015 Pan American Games for Canada (Photo: Cheryl Denault Photography)

Toronto, Canada — As the 2015 Pan American Games quickly approach, Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals is as eager as the riders are to experience the Games on its native Canadian soil. The equine health product company, which develops supplements made from the finest natural ingredients, is a major part of the nutrition and health program for many top equine athletes. The Canadian Pan American Games Dressage Team members to compete in the Big Tour, Belinda Trussell and Megan Lane, have been longtime Omega Alpha Ambassadors.

Their ranks are now joined by Canadian Pan American Games Dressage Team Small Tour member Brittany Fraser. “It is very important to keep my horses as healthy as possible, and having Omega Alpha on my team is a huge bonus,” said Fraser. Omega Alpha is thrilled to officially welcome Fraser as an Ambassador and wish her success in the upcoming Games. Fraser and her Dutch Warmblood All In are heading to the Pan American Games in Toronto on July 10. Along with Chris von Martels, Fraser will be competing as one of Canada’s two riders selected for the Small Tour division.

After the Toronto Games, Fraser plans to transition to Grand Prix competition. Her impressive placings throughout the past year imply that this goal will be more than possible. Fraser, who has loved using Omega Alpha products for years, says it was an easy decision to become an ambassador for Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals. Omega Alpha produces a variety of award-winning products using only botanical ingredients. Whether it’s a supplement to support respiration, digestion, joint health, hormonal balance, immune health, detoxification, muscle rehabilitation, endurance, or performance, Omega Alpha has got it covered.

Some of Fraser’s favorite supplements include RegenerEQ and Gastra-FX because they promote gastro-intestinal health and keep her horses’ appetites strong during the stress of travel and showing. “I want to make sure my horses feel their best at all times. Omega Alpha helps me do that,” explained Fraser. While Gastra-FX and RegenerEQ both support gastro intestinal health, by normalizing stomach functions, RegenerEQ also promotes an increased appetite to assist in weight gain. Formulated with ingredients to maintain gastrointestinal health, RegenerEQ is an ideal supplement to compensate for the stress of travel, competition, and new environments.

After spending the month of June in New York with her trainer, Ashley Holzer, Fraser went to fellow Omega Alpha Ambassador Jacqueline Brooks’s facility for a few days to train for the Pan Ams. She is now heading to the Pan American Games with some of her personal best scores. Fraser says if she can beat her scores again it would be “like a dream come true.” “I am very excited for the Pan Ams, and of course a bit nervous; nervous in a good way,” said Fraser. Out of all the Omega Alpha supplements Fraser includes in her horses’ diets, she is bringing Gastra FX and Equisel-BCAA, a post competition recovery paste supplement, to the Pan American Games. Patti Hanco, Director of Business Development for the equine division of Omega Alpha, was more than pleased when Fraser accepted their offer to become an Ambassador.

“After watching Brittany Fraser compete over the last year throughout the USA and Canada, I felt it was time to ask her to join our group of elite riders. Lucky for us, she accepted,” smiled Hanco. “Brittany’s coach, Ashley Holzer, also uses Omega Alpha and she agreed that Brittany would be an excellent brand ambassador. Brittany is lovely in every way, and it has been amazing to watch her skills continue to develop.” Like all of Fraser’s fans, Hanco is excited to watch her perform with All In at the Games.“The bond between Brittany and All In is unmistakable— they are so in sync when they compete,” Hanco commented.

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