2015 HorsePower, Inc. Euro Tour featuring Dan James of Double Dan Horsemanship Lopes into Scandinavia

Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Posted by Brad Ettleman, HorsePower, Inc


(Photo: Brad Ettleman)

(Photo: Brad Ettleman)

Stockholm, Sweden: Continuing with a series of very successful events through Europe, HorsePower, Inc., the industry’s leading western horse sport event and marketing firm presented educational events outside both Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden.

Featuring Dan James of Double Dan Horsemanship, the tour has allowed for countless people who are interested in not only western horse sport but overall improved horsemanship skills the opportunity to learn, grow and fall in love all over again with their equine partners and to re-invigorate their passions.

Recapping weeks three and four of the five event tour brings rays of hope for a very bright future in western sport for Scandinavia. HorsePower, Inc. has experience in the market, managing events and championships throughout Scandinavia since 2009. However, the region was new for the Australian horsemanship phenom, Dan James. His previous titles and internet fame generated huge amounts of interest and the clinics in both Denmark and Sweden were full of riders of all types.

(Photo: Brad Ettleman)

Dan James and the Participants of the Sweden Clinic (Photo: Brad Ettleman)

Held at the beautiful Tuse Creek Ranch (about an hour west of Copenhagen), the Danish stop on the tour was well received and riders of all levels left feeling improved, empowered and well-equipped with tools to carry on their education. Home of the famed Reining horse stallion Peek A Boom, Tuse Creek Ranch features a specialty in Reining horses and has an outstanding pedigree of elite Reining horses from their breeding program. Organizers HorsePower, Inc. were also the organizers of the 2010 World Equestrian Games, where Peek A Boom was among the horses for the silver medal winning Belgian team, underlining the interconnectedness of the sport. For more information about Tuse Creek Ranch visit www.tusecreekranch.dk

Dan James and the Participants of the Denmark Clinic (Photo: Brad Ettleman)

Dan James and the Participants of the Denmark Clinic (Photo: Brad Ettleman)

Next, the tour continued to the stunning Stall Dammkӓrr, just outside Stockholm, Sweden and home to Reining trainer and 2014 World Equestrian Games athlete Johan Svensson. A full day of demonstrations, educational opportunities and a Try-A-Reiner program gathered more than 100 people from throughout Sweden with a thirst for more information about western horse sports. The highlight of the day was the evening special performance where Dan James worked with a fresh yearling, and a finished show horse with a specific problem, thrilling the spectators and engaging thought-provoking conversation about a wide variety of topics related to a lifestyle with horses.

Sunday featured an all-day clinic for mounted riders and once again, a wide variety of people and their horses came with open minds and a desire to learn. Ranging from high-level Dressage horses and finished Reining horses all the way to newly started prospects, the clinic was an excellent example of Dan’s horsemanship teachings across many platforms. “Horses are like cars – you have to get one that fits your lifestyle. For some people, that means a truck and for others that is a sports car,” said James. He continued, “It’s our job as equestrians to do the best possible job of not only caring for our horses, but continuing to learn and grow alongside them. It is and will always be a partnership.”

Featuring finished Reining horses and operating since 1987, Stall Dammkӓrr is a widely recognized facility with a special focus on western horses in Sweden. Not only has chief trainer Johan Svensson been to the highest level of competition at FEI Reining events, he is also a multiple NRHA and AQHA title holder. Together with his family and an impressive resume of hard work and dedication to the sport, Svensson is a young industry professional with a bright future. It is because of Svensson’s passion and craving for learning that the market around him has developed in such a similar way. For more information about Stall Dammkӓrr, visit www.stalldammkarr.se

“A highlight of the whole tour, the naturally curious and intelligent Scandinavian personality felt like a great combination with this type of educational event,” said Brad Ettleman of HorsePower, Inc. Ettleman continued, “HorsePower, Inc. is largely an event production firm with a focus on the international level of the sport of Reining. So, clinics and educational weekends are a bit of a departure for us that required a great amount of trust in Dan James and his talents. Luckily that gamble paid off and we are beyond satisfied with the overall tour. It is vital to us as a company that we participate in the development and growth of horse sport with western influence world-wide. I can’t think of a better way to accomplish that than this type of tour.”

(Photo: Brad Ettleman)

(Photo: Brad Ettleman)

Returning to HorsePower, Inc.’s roots, the next and final stop of the 2015 Euro Tour is the renowned Scandinavian Derby and SRHA September Rundown, produced by HorsePower, Inc. The event features Reining horses of all ages, is the crown jewel in the Swedish Reining Horse Association’s annual schedule of events and the most impactful Reining competition throughout Scandinavia. The show is held outside Gothenburg, Sweden and Saturday evening’s Open Scandinavian Derby is the marquee class, which is available online for live webcast: www.ScandinavainDerby.com

For more information about Double Dan Horsemanship visit www.DoubleDanHorsemanship.com
For more information about HorsePower, Inc.,visit www.HPowerInc.com