The 2014 North American Lipizzan Symposium Welcomes Custom Saddlery

Friday, October 24, 2014
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Tempel Lipizzans sporting Custom Saddles
Tempel Lipizzans sporting Custom Saddles

At Tempel Farms in Old Mill Creek, Illinois, the world’s largest privately-owned herd of Lipizzans resides. The regal creatures’ performances are famous for their elegant dressage maneuvers and the magical way that the horses seem to float across the arena. Tempel’s talented herd and riders could not execute such flawless performances at the highest level of dressage without the proper tack, which allows them unhindered movements and ideal communication between horse and rider. Tempel Farms uses Custom Saddlery as the official saddlery for their elite Lipizzans. Recently, Custom Saddlery’s representative and saddle fitter Dee Glenn attended the 2014 North American Lipizzan Symposium held at Temple Farms to join in celebrating this amazing breed.

The United States Lipizzan Federation (USLF) presented the 2014 North American Lipizzan Symposium to enable members of the USLF and other Lipizzan enthusiasts to come together for meetings, seminars, performances, and socialization based around the beautiful white Lipizzan. The event took place on October 3-5, 2014.

Dee Glenn of Custom Saddlery greatly enjoyed watching the Tempel Lipizzan performance and having the chance to speak with symposium attendees. “The Tempel Lipizzans are world famous, and have dedicated themselves to preserving and promoting this rare and special breed.” Glenn explains. Custom Saddlery feels honored to have the privilege of continuing their role as official Saddlery of the Tempel Lipizzans. “These horses perform at the highest level of dressage, so careful attention to their physical and emotional health is key. To perform at this high level, it speaks volumes to the quality and design of Custom Saddles that they are the saddle of choice.” Glenn states.


The unique polyflex tree of the Custom saddles that Tempel uses promotes extreme flexibility and comfort for the short-backed Lipizzans as they perform their complicated maneuvers. Glenn explains “The trainers and the horses prefer the models with the polyflex tree, which is what the Constanze model has. The polyflex tree moves and flexes with the short, curvy backs characteristic of the breed. It also allows greater communication of subtle aids from the rider, which makes them appear to be dancing.”
The combination of a Tempel Lipizzan, rider, and Custom saddle creates the beautiful fluid movements that Tempel’s performances are famous for. Glenn, along with Custom Saddlery’s other saddle fitters and staff, has a background in the equine industry that helps her create the perfect saddle for every individual breed. “I have a background in Equine Sports Massage Therapy, and experience working as an Equine Veterinary Field Assistant for many years.” Glenn says. “I have been with Custom for about a year, adding saddle fitting to my equine services and experience. I grew up with horses, and knew they would always be a big part of my life.”

Like Glenn, Custom Saddlery has a great appreciation for the talents and majesty of horses. The Aiken, South Carolina based company strives to give every jumper and dressage horse the perfect saddle to achieve their performance goals and maximum comfort. For more information about Custom Saddlery, visit www.mysaddle.com or call 1-800-235-3865.