2005 Dressage at Devon Kicks Off with Wild Vet Check

Friday, September 30, 2005

2005 Dressage at Devon kicked off with some rain, some sunshine and a wild vet check. Devon could not have started traditionally without some rain drizzling from the sky. On Wednesday the weather was perfect, but on Thursday morning, a few hours before the jog, it started to pour. Even though it does ruin the fun a bit, a big splash is always good to get rid of "Devon dust". Fortunately right before the action started the sky cleared and a beautiful warm sun came out.

A few changes were made this year to the vet check. Normally it is done on a slightly sloping hill next to the stabling area, but this year they saw it fit to block the entire road between the competition area and the stables for the jog. They poured a strip of four inches of sand on the road and neatly manicured it into a what looked like a sandy miniature golf track. Unfortunately they forgot to water this artificial sand strip, so during the jog, judges and spectators were constantly sand stripped, and with some imagination the scene resembled tourists lost in the Sahara during a big desert storm.

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