15 Best Horse Trailers with Living Quarters of All Time

Monday, July 25, 2022
Posted by Double D Horse Trailers

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It does not need to be mentioned that any equestrian is also an adventure-enthusiast. People who love riding horses, most often love to travel and explore the vast stretches of land all around the country. The joy of riding a horse on a stretch of unending green, in an unknown countryside far away from home, is simply inexplicable. 

As much as that is true, when it comes to experiencing the true adventure and joy of horse riding, you will definitely need to take your horses with you on the adventure. Not just travel and adventure, but there can be a number of other reasons when you might need to transport your horses from one part of the country to another. 

It can be a horse show, a horse-riders event or it can be a festival. Whatever be the reason, transporting your horses requires proper planning and the right resources. And horse trailers will always be the most favorite option amongst equestrians when it comes to horse transportation. 

According to experts, if you want to experience a seamless, comfortable and enjoyable journey with your horses, a living quarters horse trailer is the ideal option. 

In the next part of this article, we have listed 15 of the best horse trailers with living quarters of all time. So, if you are planning to get one for your horses and yourself for a trip anytime soon, this is just what you should read. 

Top 15 Horse Trailers with Living Quarters of All Time

When it comes to horse trailers, you will find a wide range of varieties available in the market. Right from the orientation to customization option or the kind loading design differs in various products. Along with that, there are numerous brands offering such trailers in the market. 

So, we have made the decision-making easier for you. In the list below, you will find the 15 best horse trailers with living quarters of all time. These can be just what your horses and you need for a comfortable and luxurious journey, traveling all across the country. 

These trailers help you to provide a very lavish and comfortable experience to your horses, while also fulfilling your desire for adventure, the need for both being common in almost every horse owner. Check them out. 

1. Trail Blazer 2 Horse Trailer with Living Quarters from Double D Trailers

Trail Blazer 2 Horse Trailer

The first and the topmost name on the list has to be the TrailBlazer 2 Horse Trailer from Double D Trailers. It is one of the best horse trailers ever manufactured and is simply the best in every aspect. If you are thinking of buying a two horse trailer with living quarters, this is the one you can choose without a shred of doubt. 

Double D Trailers is an established, reputed and very popular name in the field of horse trailers. They offer a wide portfolio of horse trailers in the US and Canada. The brand offers superior quality and highly customized products that come in a vast range of varieties. 

In its range of horse trailers with living quarters, the Trail Blazer is simply an outstanding product.

It is perfect for horse owners who need to take two horses on a long journey and want a luxurious and comfortable trip as well.

Key features of this horse trailer include: 

  • A 7' short wall which is also customizable up to a 9' short wall.
  • It also comes with a reverse load option. 
  • The interiors come with vinyl wrapped cabinets. 
  • Buyers can customize the entire layout to fit their specific requirements and preferences. 
  • It has a standard 80 inches width, (no wheel wells in horse area) and also an optional 8 ft width.
  • It comes with Z-Frame technology and Safetack Fiber-composite "no leak" roof system. 
  • The vehicle gets a fold-out sleeper sofa as standard inside the vehicle. 

Along with all that, this trailer also comes with a very affordable and reasonable price tag which is unbeatable in the segment. 

Please find a Double D Trailers’ detailed buying & customization guide on Horse Trailer with Living Quarter for Sale.

2. Safetack Reverse LQ from Double D Trailers

One of the most premium and luxurious horse trailers with living quarters ever made, the Safetack Reverse LQ also comes from the house of Double D Trailers. Known for their high quality build and superior customizability, the brand outdone themselves with this superb horse trailer with living quarters. 

The horse trailer is available for 3 horses and can also be specially manufactured for 2-6 horses.

Safetack Reverse LQ

The key features of this horse trailer include:  

  • It is completely customizable. You can change the horse area size and the layout if needed. For instance, you can even decide on which side you want the LQ door. 
  • It gets a combination forward and rear facing layout as standard. 
  • It comes with a side entry or exit ramp. 
  • The trailer is optimal for large breed 17+ hand horses including Warmbloods. 
  • It has a standard width of 8 ft. 7 ft 8 inches is the standard height for Warmbloods. 
  • 10 ft short wall comes standard, and can be available up to a 13 ft short wall. 
  • Real wood cabinets with matching wood crown moldings on the inside. 
  • You can choose everything from your wood type to the wall material.
  • Fold-out sleeper sofa is standard. 
  • Slide out is also available on the horse trailer. 

For a horse trailer with such amenities and some amazing customizability and features, this one also comes at a very reasonable price.

3. 2015 Bloomer Brand Trailer

A great horse trailer with living quarters that leans towards the “very expensive” side is this trailer from Bloomer. The trailer is 45 feet in length and has a standard width of 8 feet. The trailer can offer accommodation to up to 4 people and comes with a wide range of amenities including a refrigerator, convection microwave oven, freezer, kitchen sink, burner, two flat TVs and a lot of storage space. 

4. Lonestar Horse Hauler

This horse trailer with living quarters from Lonestar exemplies luxury. It comes with an endless list of amenities, including a queen-size bed, a BTU furnace, two flat TVs, a sound system and a lot of storage space in a fully enclosed aluminum underbelly making for convenience and superior comfort during long journeys. 

5. Lakota Luxe Living Quarters Horse Trailers

Simple on the outside, exquisite on the inside. That is what this horse trailer is all about. This horse trailer, like most others on this list, gets all the essential and luxury features including the flat TVs, soft touch wall, leather sofas and a seriously impressive decor which includes a full-fledged kitchen area. 

6. Trail Boss Custom Living Quarters

Trail Boss is a brand that offers completely customized horse trailers. Unlike other “purchase as-is” products on this list, Trail Boss’ horse trailers are customized from scratch and made just for your needs. You can specify every aspect of it, what you need and what you don’t inside your custom living quarters horse trailer with Trail Boss. They have an online design centre as well. The brand is known for their impressive works based on Rustic, Western and Ballroom styles. 

7. 2015 Equine Motorcoach 4 Horse Trailer with Hay Pod

2015 Equine Motorcoach

2015 gave us some amazing horse trailers with living quarters and this one has to be one of the best ever made. The 2015 Equine Motorcoach is a gigantic horse trailer. It is a horse transporter and RV all in one, with a capacity to tow 30,000 lbs. It can carry 4 horses and gets some top end features like a hay pod, awnings, a 32” Smart LED TV, speakers, DVD players and a lot more. The trailer is indeed quite expensive as well. 

8. Equicruiser Super Spec Luxury Horsebox

This horse trailer with living quarters is just what its name describes. It is a super luxury horse trailer that comes with some “super” specifications. The trailer is a gorgeous package inside and out, carrying 6 horses and a lot of luggage inside a dedicated underfloor storage area. A large awning and an electric barbecue are part of the exteriors along with an external audio system for the riders who’d love to party in the open. 

9. Cimarron Norstar 4-Horse Trailer

A luxurious, exotic horse trailer that can carry 4 horses and also offer the finest experience for an over-the-road living space that comes with a unique design and a rustic elegance. A lot of wood all throughout along with a number of modern features makes for a very aesthetic and comfortable living quarter space. 

10. 2017 Mobile Suites

A horse trailer larger than other trailers, featuring a length of 40 feet and a width of 8.5 feet offering ample space and range of modern and luxurious amenities. A spacious kitchen and lounge area along with a well-furnished and large bedroom makes for a perfect living quarter. 

11. 2017 Platinum Coach Outlaw 5 Horse Trailer

Platinum Coach Outlaw

With a length of 35 feet and a width of 8 ft, this horse trailer is built to carry 5 horses while offering a top-class accommodation facility as well. It comes with an air conditioner, LED TV, a 72’’ sofa and a range of kitchen amenities offering superior comfort and convenience. It also offers a huge storage area at the rear side. 

12. Featherlite Country Estate Villa

The Country Estate Villa is one of the most popular horse trailers with living quarters. One of the flagship horse trailers from Featherlite, it is 53 feet in length, with a setting and amenities that can even compete with a very well-furnished home. A 32” LED TV and an XM Satellite Radio takes care of the entertainment aspect while the trailer gets upclass materials and great finishes all throughout. The wooden cabinetry and exquisite design makes for an elegant space. 

Amongst other utility features are a refrigerator drawer for refreshments, a recessed gas stove, a second flat-panel and a lot of space and kitchen equipment as well. 

13. 2016 Bloomer 4-Horse Trailer

One of the most luxurious and spacious horse trailers with living quarters, the 2016 Bloomer 4-Horse Trailer has a length of 36’ 8” and an ample width of 8’. The kitchen can be a key highlight with a lot of amenities that makes for a perfect home setting and preparation of delicious meals while on the roads. 

14. Rivenlee 48-ft 7-Horse Trailer

Whatever you need, you have got it in this absolutely home-like horse trailer that can carry 7 horses. A main bed and bath, a self-levelling system, and even a kids bedroom, along with a range of other modern and top-end amenities makes this one super luxurious horse trailer with a superb living space.

15. Featherlite Country Estate Ranch

Last but not the least, this horse trailer from Featherlite is perfect for horse owners who want to ensure the finest levels of comfort and luxury for their horses. Along with rider comfort, the Country Estate Ranch is focused on the comfort of the horses, making this one of the most popular horse trailers with living quarters amongst equestrians.

Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of this article. Any equestrian and adventure enthusiast who needs the perfect horse trailer with living quarters to quench their thirst of traveling and adventure, will definitely find the perfect horse trailer that fits their needs, budgets and expectations. 

From luxury to simplicity as well as affordability, this list of the 15 best horse trailers with living quarters will help you find anything, and even a combination of everything you need.