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Thursday, July 23, 2009
Posted by Christy

Members and Fellow Enthusiasts,

Below you will find the latest release of videos. As always we hope you find them helpful in application to your own education and ride.

I am also very pleased to announce our newest permanently featured trainer and rider, someone close to America's heart...Debbie McDonald! Debbie and the much adored Brentina, have helped the US equestrian team win a team silver and team bronze at the World Equestrian games and a team bronze at the 2004 Olympics. In 2003, Brentina helped Debbie to become the first American rider to win the World Cup championship. They also came in third place at the 2005 World Cup. Brentina herself was named the 2005 Farnam/Platform USEF Horse of the Year. Please tune in next month to watch Debbie as she works with a few of her students and talks with us about her career and what is next for her, straight from River Grove Farm!

Lastly please take a moment to check out our "Membership" tab, even though many of you are already members.  It's new and there is a great 3 minute video that talks about the website and how it can help you!  Be sure to share this link with all your friends and associates!


Reisa Bonetti

Courtney King-Dye-USA

Courtney King-Dye most recently represented the USA in the 2008 Bejing Olympics. Additionally she represented the USA in the 2007 Rolex World Cup in Las Vegas, Nevada. Courtney works and trains on the East Coast.

New Video-13 yr. old, I2/S Level
Courtney King/Anne Gribbons Symposium, sponsored by Renee Isler Dressage. Courtney focus on P and P and how to ask for quicker movement versus loftiness.

New Video-2nd/E Level
Courtney King/Anne Gribbons Symposium, sponsored by Renee Isler Dressage. Courtney works with a student on 2nd/E level test and movements. Additional focus on the riders seat and position.

New Video-PSG/S Level
Courtney King-Dye/Anne Gribbons Symposium, sponsored by Renee Isler Dressage. This video focuses on the rider bettering their weak areas of the YR test. Achieving sparkle and self carriage, with attention to getting a reaction with light, tactful aids. (click here for a sample click of this video)

Arthur Kottas-Heldenberg-AUT

Arthur is the former Chief Rider from the famed Spanish Riding School. He has trained multiple horses and riders to the Olympic level. Arthur works with a GP/S horse in hand and a 2nd/M level horse.

New Video- 6 yr. old, 2nd/E Level,
Arthur works with a student at 2nd/E level on developing hind end engagement through a myriad of excercises. Cavalettis, shoulder in, walk canter transitions are a few excercises to name a few. Watch a master as he thinks about what he sees and teaches based on what the rider has underneath them.

Axel Steiner, FEI O Judge-USA

Axel Steiner has been involved with dressage most his life. Judging and teaching have been his primary horse activities in recent years. Axel holds the highest judge ratings - Nationally "S" and Internationally (FEI) "O," and has judged so far in 31 countries. More recently he was on the panels for the 2000 Olympics, the 2003 Pan American Games, and the World Cup Finals in 2005.

New Video-Training/A Level, 3 yr. old
Axel works with an Adult Amateur with a very green 3 year old young horse, focusing on the very basics at all three gaits. Focus on the bottom of the training scale.

New Video- Training/A Level, 3 yr. old
Axel works with AA student on the 2nd day of a clinic with her young 3 year old mare, deepening the work begun the previous day, consisting of the basics and focus on the bottom of the training scale.

New Video-PSG/I1/S Level
This video is a nice example of a confirmed, well moving horse and rider, work is focused on getting the changes more thru and with more jump in addition to shoulder in discussion and walk pirouettes.

New Video-PSG/I1/S Level
Rider does a run through of both a PSG and I1 test with Axel judging with feedback and scores movement by movement.

New Video-4th/S Level
This rider does a run through of a 4-2 test, with Axel giving scores, feedback and commentary, movement by movement as she goes.

Uwe Mechlem, FEI O Judge (retired)-GER

Uwe Mechlem is a German FEI O judge. Former chairman of the German Dressage Selection Committee of 20 years. Uwe now judges and gives clinics throughout Europe. Uwe also acts as Chief of German Dressage International Young Rider team.

New Video-3-2/M Level (click here for a sample clip of this video) test with scores and full commentary. This ride is filled with super examples of clear behind vs. not clear behind flying changes in addition to seeing an example of shoulder in with too much crossing, and a nice example of walk pirouettes and a lovely, 3 beat canter.

New Video-3-2/M Level
View test to see an example of a lateral walk, an excellent trot and canter, with much cadence, shoulder freedom and hind end activity. Lots of 8's!

Rolex/FEI World Cup Finals 2009(click here for a sample clip from the World Cup)

New Videos-See the entire Friday ticket, which included Pas De Deux's by Guenter Seidel and Elizabeth Ball, Debbie McDonald and Adrienne Lyle and Charlotte Bredahl-Baker and Charlotte Nord. Young Horse presentations by Steffen Peters, Edward Gall, Willy Arts and Marissa Festerling. Lastly watch the entire Brentina retirement ceremony.

New Videos-Interviews with Steffen Peters, Anky Van Grunsven, Jan Brink, Shannon Peters and Debbie Witty of Trilogy saddles and an interview with Gill Merrick of the USEF and Chester Weber, silver medalist, carriage driving,  regarding the search for a new US team coach.

2006 USDF/Adequan
Symposium, Performance Through Fitness with Ingrid Klimke-GER

Two-time German Olympian and World Champion event rider Ingrid Klimke, daughter of the late six-time Olympic gold medalist, Dr. Reiner Klimke, will focus on the importance of cavalletti exercises for dressage. "It is variety - dressage, jumping, hacking - that builds up different muscles in the horse," she explains. "Classical training is always multi-faceted, and fitness is the one result."