The 10 Most Watched DressageTrainingOnline.com Training Tutorials of 2011

Friday, January 13, 2012
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DressageTrainingOnline.com's Founder Reisa Bonetti-Sullivan and Piper
DressageTrainingOnline.com's Founder Reisa Bonetti-Sullivan and Piper
A well known Australian Dressage rider, trainer, judge recently did a feature on the virtues of DressageTrainingOnline.com, a web partner with DressageDaily for many years. We have known the value of this incredible website which for a reasonable monthly subscription delivers the best on line video training and educational content on the internet for the sport of Dressage. We have worked exclusively with the owner Reisa Bonetti-Sullivan because we have the utmost respect for not only her passion for dressage but her ethics and dedication to doing a great job. So when you are hunkered in for the next few winter months keep inspired and keep doing your Dressage homework with the best service of its kind out there DressageTrainingOnline.com. - Mary Phelps-HathawayShe says, "I just love's this service and find that I can do my "continuing development and research" on-line...and at my convenience - even log on from my lap top when I am in bed. Some inspiring dressage before I go to sleep prepares me for a great day ahead - WOW, that is really taking advantage of modern technology ... and I love it!

DressageTrainingOnline.com is a wonderful resource for all dressage enthusiasts and a must for judges, trainers and competitors alike. The material available by subscription includes over 1000 individual titles and the content provides a wealth of training tips along with the appraisals and comments of the world's top judges and trainers.

Keen students of the sport agree that studying many competition performances at all levels, then hearing the marks and comments, will help to prepare for competition and identify the priorities that will help to improve percentages.

In many non-European countries, dressage fans face the tyranny of distance which prohibits their attendance to the large number of events that they need to watch in order to heighten awareness and sharpen their ability to make accurate and concise comments.

Riders, coaches, trainee judges and accredited judges need to "get their eye in" by watching and appraising many different horses and riders performing tests right through all levels of official dressage. Watching dressage and listening to the experts is the most valuable way to learn to recognise when the work is correct and how the performance will be assessed on the 1-10 marking scale. The judges' appraisals form the basis of the training and corrections which will take priority in the immediate future.

The innovative service is an invaluable resource for everyone involved in the dressage and you can choose a theme or competition level, watch the rider, listen to the judges or trainers comments and re-wind as often as necessary to make the lesson clear or to take in the more complex concepts." - Berni Saunders.
DTOL's founder Reisa Bonetti-Sullivan was asked to give a quick overview of the most popular DVD's and she provided the following insight.
"Our collection includes in-depth assistance for the professional and hobbyist to address most of the commonly encountered situations of everyday training, with horses that are like the ones we work with at home! We all know what the "International superstars" look like and they seem a world away from the issues that most of us face and need to resolve, if we are to make the most of the training time we hope will lead to meaningful progress. The clips that I have selected for you will clearly demonstrate how the hobby rider can address and correct the main faults and this gives confidence which in turn improves the performance of both horse and rider."

"We have dressage enthusiasts and instructors from all over the world who have come to rely on the DTOL service to support their training. By choosing a subject and researching the expert opinions, the trainer and student can establish a sound understanding of the requirements and revise their physical lessons against the expert theories, to make the most of this valuable training aid."

"We have been delighted to hear the many different ways that our service is used and countries like Australia have enthusiastically welcomed us into their world."

"I would like to extend season's greetings to all of our existing subscribers and look forward to welcoming the lucky recipients of gift subscriptions to our world wide family of dressage friends. Happy viewing and I hope you also enjoy our special favourites." - Reisa Bonetti-Sullivan and the Dressage Training on-Line Team.
The 10 most Watched DressageTrainingOnline.com Training Tutorials of 2011

Catherine Haddad-Staller and Winyamaro has the most watched videos of 2011!
Catherine Haddad-Staller and Winyamaro has the most watched videos of 2011!
1. Catherine Haddad is a well respected and very successful US rider who has lived in Germany for the last 10 years. Catherine is a very astute and articulate clinician and her video's are widely watched - here is a clip that show how to improve the Piaffe/Passage. Click here to Watch

2. Jan Bemelmans is a living legend and respected the world over for his eye for a horse and ability to identify the perfect training strategy for each of the horses he works with. We watch this master at work in a schooling session which focuses on lengthening the neck. Click Here to Watch

3. Jan Brink the Swedish rider that came to the world's attention following his amazing performance at the 2002 World Equestrian Games on the superstar stallion Briar. Experts agree that Jan's careful management of this talented horse was the edge that won them acclaim and many international awards. Watch Jan at M Level, paying particular attention to straightness and teaching the half steps. Click Here to Watch

4. Hilda Gurney is a former Olympian, foundation trainer and FEI Judge of the dressage sport and has made a huge contribution over a long period of time.  Hilda has a thorough approach and explains - in easy to follow terms - how to use the half halt to gain lightness. Click Here to Watch

5. Hilda Gurney addresses the considerations of performing a 'first" Level 4 dresage test. Hilda gives a her Judge’s view, scores and comments. Click Here to Watch
6. Christoph Hess is an FEI “I” level Judge in both Dressage and Eventing, and works at the German National Federation (the DOKR, which is the equivalent to the USEF or EA in Australia. He is widely respected as a leading authority on the selection and training of young horses. He is a charming clinician and has made friends all over the world. Christoph shows the requirements of the 2nd Level and discusses the development of better self carriage, poll and neck position and the key to achieving a secure contact - which are accepted pre-requisites for progress. Click Here to Watch

7. Christoph Hess works with an Intermediate1/S Level horse that shows tension in a number of ways - including bucking into transitions, avoiding contact and getting behind the bit - the sort of problems we have all faced! Click Here to Watch

8. Axel Steiner is a popular and much sought "O" Level dressage judge, having officiated at the top competitions and giving judges clinics all over the world. Axel's relaxed style makes his lessons easy to follow and  his Grand Prix training session and test - from the judge’s viewpoint -  offers real help for the trainer who works alone. Click Here to Watch

Debbie McDonald and Brentina
Debbie McDonald and Brentina
9. Debbie McDonald became an international inspiration when this 'ordinary rider' and mother of two, rose beyond her groom's job to form a memorable relationship with the stunning Bentano mare Brentina, to achieve extraordinary things! Together this combination conquered the world and Debbie has generously passed on her knowledge in riders clinics all over the world - including Australia.  She is a wonderful speaker and works to encourage the horses and riders she instructs. Watch her address the ever present issue of self carriage and improving the horse's responsiveness to the aids. Click Here to Watch

10. Janet Brown-Foy trainer and FEI Judge, has addressed the special considerations of progressing through the various levels of dressage. She looks at the transition from the 4th level through to Grand Prix and identifies the most important aspects of this training. Click Here to Watch