Ice Horse® The Hottest Product For Equine Therapy Takes Their Show on the Road

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
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L-R Eric Williams, Ice Horse Owner Julie Garella and Chester Weber  Photo ©PicsofYou.com
L-R Eric Williams, Ice Horse Owner Julie Garella and Chester Weber Photo ©PicsofYou.com
Julie Garella, owner of the Ice Horse®, has been packing on the miles traveling coast to coast from her Sonoma Valley headquarters, personally spreading the word about her products, which are catching on in a big way helping equine and human athletes with an easy to use and effective ice and heat producing product. We met up with her at the annual Tack Shack end of season sale in Ocala, Florida, manning her own table and introducing her latest line of new products: The Emergency Wrap, The Back Blanket, and the Knee Wrap. At any given time throughout the day, Julie had a line of people asking about her products, and buying them.  “It’s pretty exciting, ” said Julie who was in town for the Live Oak International Combined Driving event presenting the trophy for the National Championship to Chester Weber, and avid Ice Horse® user. “Since introducing our products to this area, orders are up over 30% in just three months.”
Garella and investment banker and author of Capitalize On Your Success, decided to listen to her own advise, and purchased the company Ice Horse® maker of equine cold therapy products for just about every appendage. “It was the best kept secret in the horse world.” said Julie, who was looking for a way to combine her business savvy with her passion for horses, and hopefully leave her enough time to enjoy her own riding pursuits. From Florida to Kentucky for the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event and the Kentucky Reining Cup, Julie has been on the move, and so has her company.

Ice Horse ® was to Julie an investors dream; an already-good product poised to be exceptional with some upgrades in design, technology and marketing. A pioneer in the cold therapy market for 15-plus years, Ice Horse® has always had an edge because its cooling power comes, in fact, from a patented technology used for the inserts, rather than gel packs that are common in this product category. Taking her show on the road, Julie has now accumulated a team of believers, in all major disciplines, and her cool product is the hottest thing for natural equine therapy. And they are big names too; American Olympians Rich Fellers, Gina Miles, and Laura Kraut along with national champions Buck Davidson, show jumping stars Susie Hutchison, Joie Gatlin champion hunter riders Hope Glynn, Liza Towell Boyd and reining champion Tom McCutcheon. Canadian Eventing coach Clayton Fredericks is a huge fan and was seen wearing his Ice Horse cap during the 2014 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event. In the Dressage world, Lars Peterson and Melissa Tayor have been singing the praises of the products, and Reese Koffler-Stanfield has all her clients on board.
Julie Garella and Eric Williams present another National Championship Trophy to Ice Horse user, Chester Weber.
Julie Garella and Eric Williams present another National Championship Trophy to Ice Horse user, Chester Weber.
Chester Weber who knows what it takes to manage a team of four horses with 2 spares going at all times was sold on the concept from the start. "The Ice Horse ice packs stay cold for a lot longer than any other ice packs we have tried, therefore we can keep them on for 30-45 min and they are still having a cooling effect. Moreover, Ice Horse has a wide variety of products, so that a targeted ice treatment is possible. I especially like the emergency wrap because you can wrap it however you need it for a bruise, or simply swelling from a bite..." ~Chester Weber

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