“Head Over Heels” Wins

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The German photographer Julia Rau wins the “Silver Camera”

They are usually stood behind the camera  – but on Saturday evening the three equestrian sport photographers were in front of the camera for a change: Arnd Bronkhorst (the Netherlands), Caren Firouz (Iran) and Julia Rau (Germany) had been nominated for the best international equestrian sport photo. And the winner is…. Julia Rau. She convinced the judges with her photo “Head Over Heels”.
Second place went to Caren Firouz, and Arnd Bronkhorst took third place. The prize is jointly organised by the Sparkasse Aachen and the Rhenish Savings Bank and Giro Association in cooperation with the ALRV. The winner receives 2500 Euros, and there is 1000 Euros and 500 Euros prize-money for second and third place, respectively.

Official Website: www.chioaachen.de