“Hannoveraner Stutenstamm“ now online New Service of the Hannoveraner Verband

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Verden - The Hannoveraner Verband has published its dam line information system “Hannoveraner Stutenstam” (“Hanoverian Dam Lines“) on the Internet. A great number of information and data on the Hanoverian breed can be recalled online with this unique system.

Hanover’s mare basis enjoys an excellent reputation all over the world. The dam lines are highly efficient, well-bred, have been selected over generations for the desired qualities as riding horse, and many of them have been fostered by committed breeders’ families for more than hundred years. The Hannoveraner Verband has now launched a dam line information system. More than 1,500 dam lines have been identified and have been marked with a special description.

„Hanoverian Dam Lines“ provides every breeder the possibility to obtain detailed information
on each registered Hanoverian dam line. There will be information on the origin of each
foundation stock (foundation mare, breeding site), its distribution (quantity of registered brood mares in total and at present), number of state premium mares, numbers of stallions licensed in Hanover including their name and pedigree link, quantity of auction horses, successes in sport including a list of all extraordinary Hanoverian sport horses.

The english version will be available as of mid September. Fees will apply for this service.
Members of the Hannoveraner Verband will be granted a discount. For information and registration, please click on www.hannoveraner.com.